Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation creator of all of mankind and especially the Holy People Israel unto thee at this time in as far as Montenegro and Serbia are concerned these two Nation shall I search out unto perfection to see if there be any within these Nations that are Holy and righteous in My Sight but and if there be none and if they be found guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws and of great wickedness corruption immorality the neglecting by the Governments of these two Nations of the Need the poor the homeless the elderly the weak the sick the disabled and also the pollution and the destruction of their environment of lakes rivers and streams of the cruel and wicked slaughter of the creatures of their Nation even of land and marine mammals then it shall be that the full out pouring of the all consuming fires of My Wrath and anger shall descend upon these two Nations by Earth quake and fire by drought and famine by floods and great storms by plague and pestilence even as I have once the period of grace and favour given to other Nations so Judge given them the opportunity to tun and repent of their breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandment of great wickedness immorality and corruption of the mistreatment and the neglect of the needy of these two Nations of the pollution and destruction of their Nations environment the cruel unnecessary slaughter of the wild creatures of their Nations. But and if they repent not in the period of grace and mercy given then of a certainty My wrath and anger in punishment shall descend upon all of their Nations and as other Nations thus punished and are suffering the outpouring of My wrath and anger so shall these two. But thus saith the only true Living God redeemer and saviour of mankind and the Holy People and even true Messiah how are the mighty fallen and cast down unto the dust of the ground to be no more even all of the mighty Nations of the Earth first the western Mighty Nations of the Earth all shall fall and be no more and what shall be the cause thereof two fold the pollution and the destruction of the environment and the drying up of all of the oil wells of the Earth upon which mankind doth rely to drive its civilization even its transport structure of land sea and air thus have I warned the whole of mankind that if it continued upon its present course wasting and abusing the resources of the Earth that sooner or later it would come to an end for the resources of the Earth are not infinite and can and shall come to an end and if mankind had heeded these warning and curb it usage of fossil fuels and the oil reserves of the Earth then it would have give mankind the chance to adjust and find other replacements for the fossil fuels to drive and thus maintain the present civilization but as afore said in times past when warned by Me saith the Lord God of impending doom and cataclysmic disasters if mankind changed not their ways and the path upon which they were going and the direction they were heading and the consequences thereof that of a certainty would befall them heeded not My warnings stopped up their ears blinded their eyes and as so said as concerning blind leaders of the blind both fell in to ditch of destruction and disaster to be no more upon the face of the Earth. So shall it be with this civilization which has and is being lead by blind leaders of the blind of this civilization and therefore it shall fall into the ditch of its own destruction. No matter what the scientist say unto the leaders of the Nations of the Earth that there is still below the Earth vast reserves of oil and other fossil fuels there is not for they with all of their so called technological instrumentation cannot see with absolute certainty as can I what truly lies beneath the Earth surface and the true extent of the resources of the Earth for even if they could would they reveal the truth as concerning their findings especially like unto the magicians astrologers Chaldeans and sorcerers of the King of Babylon in Daniels day who feared if they pleased not the King or could not reveal the mysteries presented to them not only would they lose their positions but their lives also though it is not so with the modern equivalent of these modern scientists that would be in no danger of losing their lives but if there was a dangers of them loosing funding for their scientific projects their Jobs and their credibility would they indeed reveal the truth in as far as the Earth’s resources are concerned. But as I am the God and creator of all of creation and the source of all true especially divine truth thus say I unto thee that in a short period of time the renounces even that which fuels thy transport infrastructure will cease and thine efforts to find an alternative form of energy will come to a dead end. Therefore the whole of the present civilization shall suddenly collapse air transport will cease to exist petrol rationing will come into force the only electric power stations to produce energy sufficient to supply a limited amount of eclectic energy will be from Nuclear power stations like Rome that relied upon its slave population that in the end resulted in its fall so this civilizations slave is its reliance on the resource that drives it. But as afore said I shall indeed Judge all the Nations of the Earth and shall punish forthwith in wrath and anger all of the unrepentant Nations by the out pouring of the all consuming fire of My Wrath and anger and upon them and at the final Judgment day cast all the wicked Nations into the depth of the bottomless pit wherein is the lake of the fires of everlasting torment where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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