Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith Adonai Elohim Tzva’ot even the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens the whole of creation and all that dwells therein even all of the creature of the Earth and mankind and the only true eternal Passover Lamb whose shell blood cleanses by Faith in Him all sins transgression and the crimes of breaking all of my Holy Commandments and Laws even all of My Moral Laws as so set down in My Word the Iron Rod whereby in Judgement upon Judgment day unto perfection all of mankind shall be Judged those who are guilty of the sins transgressions and the crimes of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments especial My Moral Laws and belong not unto Me through faith in the only true redeemer the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL being washed clean and made pure Holy and righteous in My sight through His shed blood; for as it is set down in My Word as I so said without the shedding of blood there can be no remission for sin transgression unbelief and the crimes of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and commandments; shall be cast into the bottomless pit wherein is the lake of the fire of everlasting torment and regret even the blackness and darkness forever. Thus also in Judgment those who belong unto Me through Faith in the only true Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb shall ascend into the Heaven of Heavens before My throne forever even according as is so set down in My Word. Thus it is that having search out these two Nations unto perfection and have found them guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as are so set down in My Word but not only My Laws and commandments My Moral Laws the failing to provide the necessary care for all the needy of their Nations by their Governments and local authorities even the sick the lame the disabled the poverty stricken the homeless and more so the orphans of their Nation of the cruel treatment of the creatures of these Nations the pollution and destruction of their environment through the abuse and misuse of the Earth’s resources which not only reduces and will reduce the life span of the people of these Nations but also the creatures as is already coming to pass especially in the poorer Nations of the Earth thus say I in Judgement I shall not hold any guiltless of committing these crimes against mankind and against the creatures of the Earth for the pollution of and the destruction of the environment in My Eyes is a most heinous criminal offence of which all of mankind upon Judgment days shall have to answer for unless they do repent of these crimes and seek to halt and rectify the damage being done by all of mankind by the abuse and misuse of the Earth resources. Thus having found these Nations guilt of breaking My Holy Laws and the crimes as so herein set down I am purposed to punish the by the full outpouring of My wrath and anger full measure even the all consuming fires of My Wrath and anger by Earthquake and volcanic activity, whirlwind and fire by great storm and hurricanes by floods and drought famine and plague by diseases and pestilence so much so that the earth will refuse to give of its bounty and in its place produce thorns, thistles weeds where once a bounteous crop flourished. Thus is it by THE IRON ROD OF MY HOLY LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS HAVE THESE BEEN JUDGED AND FOUND GUILTY as so shall all the Nations of the Earth if they too are or have been found guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and refuse to turn and repent of their disobedience unbelief great wickedness the destruction and pollution of their environment but more so the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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