Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus say I unto thee at this time as so said I shall and am Judging all the Nations of Europe one by one even by the Iron rod of My Just Judgement according as is so set down in all of My Holy Laws and commandments as are written down in My Word and upon the stone Tablets now residing in the Ark of My Covenant with My People Israel and delivered by the hand of Mosher; whose Name in the language of the Nations is Moses; even at the foot of My Holy Mount after being delivered from slavery in Egypt and of which the Ark once residing in the Holy of Holies until the abomination that made desolate the House to My Holy Name was set up in the Holy Of Holies and the destruction of the Hous to My Holy Name as doth the House to My Holy Name thereof has remained unto this day but shall be rebuilt at the appointed time as so ordained by Me and the Ark thus shall remain safely hidden until then and after returned to its rightfull place. But This I do say unto the Nations of the Earth a warning whomsoever fights against Israel fights against Me and whomsoever fights against Me but treads one path even unto destruction and the bottomless pit forever and mistake Me not that this is but a threat to the enemies of My People Israel it is a promise of impending doom that shall of a certainty befall all who ignore this warning. all of Israel is Mine and the land they posses is their inheritance forever as so promised unto Abraham and his descendents forever and no People Land or Nation shall ever again posses it nor take it from them as so promised in My Most Holy Word. But as so said I have Judged and found guilty these two Nations Solvenia and Hungary by the Iron rod of My Holy Laws and Commandments the punishments for the breaking of any and all of them also are so set down in My Word and shall befall all who break any and all of them as My Holy Laws and Commandments demand they shall be unless repentance and a seeking of forgiveness through Faith in the only true Messiah is forth coming if not as so said the punishments thereof shall be strictly applied on all who are guilty of breaking any and all of them first of My People Israel and then upon all the peoples and Nations of the Earth even now at this time and when My Day of Judgment dawns and all of mankind are brought before Me both of the Living and of the dead both believers and unbelievers and those who have been redeemed faith in the only True Passover Lamb and Messiah having been washed clean by His blood and made righteous in My sight acquitted and given entrance into My Heavenly Kingdom and the unrepentant unbelieving rebellious peoples of the Nations of Mankind who have hardened their hearts towards Me blinded their eyes toward My Word and My Holy Laws and Commandments written therein and deafened their ears to the warnings given of the day to come when all of mankind shall be brought before Me to be Judged of those alive now and those gone on before and those to come before Judgment day whose reward shall be to be cast into the bottomless pit and the lake of the fires of everlasting torment forever and from which there is and shall be no reprieve or escape for as afore said betwixt Heaven the Earth and the bottomless pit is a great gulf fixed over which none can cross no not one. Thus it is as afore said and say again I have found these Nations Slovenia and Hungary guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and of great wickedness corruption immorality the neglecting of the needy of their Nations even the young the elderly the orphan and the outcast the sick the lame the blind the deaf wasting their wealth on that which is unprofitable and is of little or no benefit to any of mankind except to those who seek; though the evidence to the contrary and is right in front of their eyes and is written down on the tablets of their hearts if only they would open them; to prove I exist not but in the end will only prove that I do exist and then will believe when it is too late and they are before My Judgement throne. These two Nations are also guilty of the pollution and the destruction of their environment the misuse and abuse of the resources of the Earth that were provided by Me for the benefit of mankind and not their destruction. But and also for the unnecessary slaughtering of the creatures of their Nation of land sea oceans and air either by commission or omission thus it shall be as with the other Nations as so said a time of grace and mercy shall be given I say unto these use this time well to consider thy eternal destiny for once thy decisions are made and the path set there shall be no turning back only a certain waiting for consequences of thy decisions whether for death and destruction or for blessing salvation and an inheriting of My Heavenly Kingdom.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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