Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation even He who holds the Universe in the palm of His hand and the only true redeemer and saviour of mankind the Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb IMMANUEL unto thee in as far as Brexit is concerned because of divisions as so said the present Government and the opposition are responsible for the Brexit impasse that now exist in Parliament. Thus this Government the opposition and many Mps on both sides of the Brexit argument have sown to the wind of division and discord in as far as Brexit is concerned and have now reaped the whirlwind of the hot displeasure of the UK public especially those who voted to leave the repercussions of which have already come to pass in the local elections and the protest marches now come to pass and will continue until the Brexit voted by the British public is delivered by the UK Government and Parliament but as said will escalate if the Brexit voted by the British public remains undelivered when a general election takes place which will see many of the Governments and Oppositions Mp’s loosing not only votes but their seats and if the EU thinks it will escape the British public backlash that is of a certainty coming had better as I said afore think again especially if the UK now that the EU has granted a long extension of article fifty and will if the impasse continues and the UK takes part in the EU elections contrary to the assurances give by the UK government to abide by the rules and regulations as so set down by the EU whilst an solution and an agreement by the whole of Parliament is found to the Brexit deadlock that there will be no disruptions caused by those elected to serve as MEPs which can only be guaranteed by those elected from the Parliamentary Parties in government and opposition but no guarantee has been forth coming from newly formed political parties if their candidates are elected to serve as MEP’s or independent MEPs standing for election for many in the UK not only blame the UK Government and the rest of the parliamentary political parties that have failed to deliver on Brexit that have been the cause of the present Brexit dilemma but also the EU and it intransigent and uncompromising negotiating stance on Brexit sticking adamantly to its red lines and expecting the UK to virtually give into all of Its demands if UK wants to leave the EU with a progressive free trade deal in place though the deal now on the table is nowhere near that and is beneficial to the EU only not the UK meaning in essence that the Negotiations from the start have been one sided only the EU’s side placing the UK in such a position that unless the EU allows the UK if there is found a solution to the Irish and Spanish border problems to leave with a deal in place of which there has thus far no acceptable solution has been found and never shall be found that will be agreeable to both the EU Ireland and Spain. As afore said there are but two paths open to the UK in as far as Brexit is concerned and neither will resolve the dilemma or the Brexit deadlock in Parliament of which all sides are responsible for Parliament is now in such a state that it is in no fit condition to govern its own parties never mind the United Kingdom and unless it gets its act together the UK will be and is without a government to govern the UK as it should be until the next general election. In effect the UK is without a government that is capable of governing the UK as it should be and is in need of a strong determined Leader needed to unite the whole of the Country, Its Government and its Parliament and drag it if necessary by the scruff of the neck out of the mess it is still in unwilling and unable to not only resolve the Brexit impasse but also incapable of uniting Parliament and the country so that the UK will once more become truly the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Common Wealth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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