Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy one of Israel and even the only true eternal redeemer of mankind and the Holy People the only true Promised Messiah and Passover Lamb whose blood alone doth cleanse from all sins transgressions and the crimes of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws by which I shall indeed judge and punish all the Nations of the Earth even those which are so set down and revealed in My Holy Word strictly adhered unto and those found guilty of breaking any and all of them shall be punished most severely. As concerning the Judging of these two Nations even Belgium and Luxembourg as I have Judged them so have I found them both guilty of Breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and especially My Most Holy Moral Laws but not only guilty of breaking all of My Laws and commandments but also of great wickedness corruption immorality the pollution and destruction of the Environment especial of the rivers lakes streams seas and oceans treating them as their own personal refuse dump resulting in the deaths of many of the creatures of My creation of which in Judgment when Judgment day dawns any who are responsible by omission or commission of causing the death of the innocent creatures of My creation I shall not hold guiltless but shall most severely punish them and also the emissions from all of mankind’s modes of transportation of land sea and air not only of these Nations but all of the Nations of the Earth the fuel thereof which if continued to be used at the rate it is at the present shall in less than a decade begin to decline but and also because of the effect it is having on the environment, the creatures and landscape of the Earth I shall cause it to decline far faster than it normal would unless mankind makes a greater effort to rectify the damage they are doing to the Earth’s environment and the creatures of My Creation but not only shall I punish these Nations for all the sins and transgressions and crimes of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and the pollution and damage done to the environment resulting in the deaths of many of the creatures of My creation but also for the neglect of the Government of these Nations to meet the needs of the needy of their country even of the sick the disabled the homeless the elderly those suffer poverty and destitution and failure to adequately protect the young and vulnerable from all who would harm or abuse them in any way whatsoever. Thus in wrath and anger shall I punish these two Nations by Whirlwind and fire by floods great storms Earthquakes and famine by drought by plague by pestilence that is unless they repent and turn unto Me saith the Lord God through Faith in the Messiah IMMANUEL the only true Eternal Passover Lamb for there is no way any can come before Me except through He who alone is the only true eternal Passover Lamb and redeemer The Messiah IMMANUEL. Thus it shall be as with other Nations I shall give unto these Nations a period of grace and mercy wherein they can if they will repent and turn unto Me to obey by faith in the Messiah all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. But is no repentance is forth coming the all consuming fires of My wrath and Anger shall descend upon these two.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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