Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and even the only true redeemer and eternal Passover Lamb whose shed blood alne coleanses from all sin transgressions and the crime of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments even all of My Most Holy Laws and commandments which in the Judging of all of mankind shall be strictly ahered to as shall the punishments thereof Thus say I sith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the whole of creations as afore said so now I repeat that the final Brexit destination of which hath been ordained by Me for Brexit to end even as I so said a Brexit neither remainers nor Leavers nor the EU or the people of the UK want but the Brexit they all deserve and so shall they all get.. But Brexit because of all the division both in the country and in the Parliament caused equally by this Government and by the EU which will in the end not only cause this present Government to suffer the consequences thereof but also the whole of the EU in that it will shall and is tearing the EU apart at the seams if Brexit had been properly negotiated and managed and both sides had been willing to compromise on all of the major issues the whole process of the Brexit Negotiations would have reached a collusion acceptable to both sides but because of mismanagement on the part of the present British Government and the intransigence and hard line attitude of the EU it has turned into the debacle it now is and causing divisions both in the Government and in the country the cessation of democracy in that neither side in parliament have even considered the wishes of the British public and the referendum vote and fulfilling its outcome to the letter but seeking to dictate the type of Brexit the British people would and should get. The vote of the referendum was plain and simple, did the British public want to stay in or leave the EU YES OR NO and the result of the referendum vote was plain and simply YES and as a democratically elected government by the British public the government should have by now fulfilled the wishes of the Electorate that entrusted them to govern the UK on their behalf not to dictate to them what they should and should not have or get in as far as Brexit is concerned. Thus as I said I know the end from the beginning and by this ye can see how and why I have ordained Brexits course and destination which will in the end cause the rise and fall of many in both the EU and in the UK governments. But also I say that if there was any possibility as some desire to have of another referendum the result would not be as it was in the nineteen seventies in fact if allowed to happen the result would be overwhelmingly to leave the EU not because of the disastrous Negotiations conducted by this Government but because of the attitude of the EU towards the British people and the way they have conducted these negotiations from beginning to end but in as far as the negotiations were concerned the UK governments position should have equalled the EU’s hard line position and if no signs of compromise had been forth coming should have walked away as would any trade Union negotiator in an industrial dispute if the Company had taken the same attitude as the EU did right from the beginning at the start of the Brexit negotiations. You cannot negotiate any deal corporate or industrial or governmental if one side takes a hard-line position and is unwilling to compromise in any way whatsoever as is the situation between IRAN and the USA which will only end one way both walking away from the negotiating table and encouraging the outbreak of conflict as hath come about in as far as the Brexit negotiations are concerned therefore as I have so ordain the course path and final destination of Brexit so shall it come to pass. But if the EU thinks Britain will sit on the side lines and be bullied into submission they really don’t know the British or the British spirit especially in as far as the British M.E.P.’s elected to sit in the EU Government before the Brexit deadline. But not only does EU not know the British it seems that neither does this present Government or Parliament that seems to have forgotten the true cause of the last English Civil war and its cause which was not only the then monarch but parliament itself and remember the lessons of history not only of the Civil war but before and after.

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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