Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation the Holy One Of Israel and the only true redeemer and eternal Passover Lamb sacrifice upon the altar of Grace even the altar of My Unmerited Loving Kindness and mercy for all of those who have are and shall before Judgment day become the true children of the Living God whom I AM even the Messiah IMMANUEL inheritors of My Kingdom even the Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens even forever and ever. As I have so said so have I done at this time Judged these Island Nations as I have with all the other Nations thus far Judged and search out unto perfection to see if there be but one righteous person in My sight and having found none and have found all therein Guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments even My Most Holy Moral Law and of great wickedness corruption immorality especially the governments thereof and also guilty of the pollution and destruction of the environment especial of the oceans and seas of the Earth even of the Mediterranean sea the lack of the Governments of these Islands to provide for the needs of the people of these Islands even providing adequate health care for the sick the disabled the homeless the orphan the destitute and poverty stricken and for all of these sins transgressions and crime and the sins transgressions of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments as afore said if found guilty that I shall punish them all with the Iron Rod of My Just Judgement and at Judgement day if found unrepentant of all of their sins transgressions and the crimes of Breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandment shall cast them in to the bottomless wherein dwells the everlasting lake of the fires of everlasting torment where there is a weeping and wailing and a gnashing of teeth where the worm or regret dies not nor the flames of torment are not extinguished forever. But and if repentance and a seeking for forgiveness for all sins transgressions and crimes in the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments being redeemed by Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb being cleansed and made Holy and righteous in My sight through His cleansing shed blood; for as said in My Word without the SHEDDING OF BLOOD THERE CAN BE NO REMISION OR FORGIVENESS OF SIN TRANSGRESION OR THE CRIMES OF BREAKING OF ALL OF MY HOLY LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS ESPECIALY THE FIRST SIN THAT CONDEMNED BY THE FALL ALL OF MANKIND TO DEATH SPIRITUAL AND BROUGHT THE CURSE OF CORRUPTION AND DEATH PHYSICAL UPON THE WHOLE OF CREATION; then in Judgement the Angel of everlasting death shall Passover all who have the blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb upon the doors and lintels of their heart and instead of in Judgment being condemned and cast into the bottomless pit being acquitted and being counted righteous and Holy in My Sight and as Messiah IMMANUEL so shall they who have been redeemed ascend into the heaven of Heavens and My Kingdom and in this life shall be by Me blessed and My Peace that passeth all understanding shall I place within their heart and the surround around about by My presence to protect them from all harm and alarm and Roach Hakodesh shall guide them in all the paths of righteousness for My own Names sake eve He of whom the Nations call the Holy Spirit for it is that He is the spiritual of all truth righteousness purity and Holiness who works out My Will upon all of the Earth and in all of creation. But of a certainty when the time of grace and mercy is ended giving the Nations and the people thereof time to turn and to repent if they and their Nation do not then in Judgment condemnation and to be cast in the bottomless pit and in this Life the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger by whirlwind and fire by Earth quake and tidal waves of great height by famine and by drought by plague pestilence and disease pandemics by great storms and hurricanes tornadoes and cyclones in these days are the days as so prophesied in My Word to descend upon all the Nations of the Earth thus Judged and condemned including these Islands and those yet to be Judged of a certainty this shall indeed come to pass as so shall all that is written down and prophesied in My Word as concerning these end days that is yet to befall all the Nation of the Earth especially the fall of the Four Mighty Nations of the Earth one By One as is the first now falling and shall go down unto the dust and be no more and as shall the end come upon one regime and its leader with the help of other Nations who wickedly slaughtered and caused to flee in great number the people of their Nation and at this time still commit such crimes against humanity of which they shall not be held guiltless whose end is set as the stars in the course in the heavens is at Judgment day set as have and are the tyrants of the past who sought glory in the conquest of other Nations and whose end hath been to be cast into the bottomless pit/hell forever. Thus it is as the Nations of the Earth hath failed to bring these criminal Nations to answer for their crimes against all of mankind I shall not at this time fail so to do as is said Justice My Justice must be done and seen to be done and so shall it be done upon all of these wicked Nations that dwell upon the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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