Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the creator of the Universe and all that in it exist even upon all of the face of the Earth both mankind and the creatures thereof and the only true redeemer even the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL through whom alone can any of mankind especially the Holy People be redeemed for without faith in Him there is no salvation or redemption or to escape My Wrath to befall all those of mankind that have and do break all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especial My Moral Laws. Thus it is as I have so Judge these Nations even Portugal and all the Nations of the United Kingdom unless they do repent and turn unto Me by Faith in the only true Messiah IMMANUEL as I have Judge and am punishing the Nations thus far Judged and their days of grace and mercy come to an end so shall I do unto these Nations and especially their Governments having found them not only guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandments but also of great wickedness immorality in the respect of breaking all of My Moral Laws as are so set down in My Word and also the corruption that exists in all of these governments hidden in darkness but by Me afore said shall be brought out into the light of day for as I so said afore all the hidden thing of darkness even all iniquity wickedness corruption immorality and perversion shall be brought out into the light to be revealed unto and seen by all and to be by Me punish by My Just Judgment even and this time and in the day of Judgment that is to come that will of a certainty soon dawn upon all of mankind and of which all shall be brought before Me upon that and by Me be Judged and punished even all of the wicked and unrepentant the breakers of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments which in the breaking thereof hath but one punishment and that is death and as after Judgement to be condemned forever to be cast into the bottomless pit and the lake of the fires of eternal torment that reside therein. But not only shall I punish these for the Breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments and My Moral laws but also the neglecting of the needy of these Nation by their governments the neglecting of providing adequate health care for the sick and the disabled also for the destruction and pollution of the environment the unnecessary slaughtering of the creatures of My creation directly in the killing of them or indirectly through the pollution of the environment of the land the rivers the streams and the Lake also the seas and oceans of the Earth of which I shall not hold any who are guilty of committing these crime against and upon the creatures of My creation guiltless and shall both in their lives upon Earth punish them for all crimes committed against the creatures of My creation and also upon Judgment day as said cast all the disobedient unbelieving wicked unrepentant breakers of all of My Holy Laws and commandments even My Moral Laws of mankind ending in of the casting of them into the bottomless pit along with the Adversary and his followers forever, but I shall also punish these Nations especially the Governments of these Nations not only for great wickedness the breaking of My Moral Laws corruption and the destruction and pollution of the environment not only that committed by mankind upon the surface of the Earth alone but also of the space surrounding the Earth which is becoming more and more looking like unto the scrap yard of the Nations that after putting their satellites and other machines and the space station in orbit instead of seeking to either destroy them or return them to the surface of the Earth abandoned them to orbit the Earth until their orbit decays; in the mean time polluting the Earth orbit with more scrap metal and other debris; and they enter the Earth’s atmosphere to burn up or being to large descend to the surface becoming a danger to the inhabitant of the Nations they descend on with all the discarded waste jettisoned into space hope it to shall burn up in Earth’s atmosphere the pollution that exists in orbit around the Earth the consequences of which I warned thee of if it was not dealt with and yet little or nothing hath been done to deal with or clean up the space debris around the Earth thus as afore warned so shall I do even cause if necessary the destruction of thy international space station by causing it to fall down to the surface of the Earth for it is i have but to command it to descend upon the Earth and it shall be so for Command and it is done say and it comes to pass. But it is that those Nations responsible for the pollution of the Earths orbital space shall suffer along with all of those who are guilty of polluting and destroying the Earth’s environment of land seas oceans and atmosphere none no not one Nation or Government shall escape the out pouring of the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger upon them for all of these crimes sins and transgressions. Also in as far as Syria is concerned as said that regime and its Leader shall indeed suffer the out pouring of My Wrath and anger at the time so appointed and ordained by Me as shall the punishment for the crimes of omission and commission committed by the Nations of the Earth due that shall indeed be poured out upon them. But that which he seeks to reclaim shall before he goes down unto the dust of the Earth from whence he and his regime came shall be ripped from his grasp not by death alone but in the devastation that shall follow at that time he will claim is his victory over the rebels when he believes Syria is his once again for it is that then I shall cause the land of Syria by great whirlwinds and desert storms to become unfit for human habitation except for the wanderers and Nomads of the desert a land only fit for scorpions and snakes and the habitants of the desert and waste places of the Earth and for him before his passing shall be to him and the Nations who helped him a hollow victory but part of the devastation hath already been caused by him and his allies from which that Nation if left alone by Me could never fully recover and he it is to hath to remember once that civil war has ended his allies will want to return to their own Nations and Lands not wanting to remain there for any length of time and the refugees because of the devastation caused will be unwilling to return to their devastated cities towns and villages especially if that regime still exist in power so for that leader and his regime it is a no win situation especially when he comes before Me in Judgement. Thus it is and shall be that all of these Nations of the UK and the Nation of Portugal if as said I find all guilty of the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws as so set down in My Word by which I am and shall Judge all the Nations of the Earth if unrepentant will face the full outpouring of the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger by Earth quake and great storms Hurricanes Tornadoes floods famines plagues drought and pestilence and if then all remain unrepentant then I shall cause all of those guilty of Breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and the breaking of all of My Most Holy Moral law to in this life be cast down in wrath and anger and to return unto the dust from whence they came and then in Judgment when the final Judgment day dawns when all of mankind past present and future comes before Me to be Judged cat as afore said into sheol the bottomless pit along with the adversary and his followers forever even that place by the Nations called hell which falls far short of the reality of everlasting punishment in the bottomless pit forever

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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