Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation who formed mankind out of the dust of the Earth and breathed into them a living soul and from thence after they fell at birth I do breath into all that are born upon all of the Earth their living soul mankind being through procreation the means whereby the house to contain that living soul in the womb is formed first I formed mankind from the dust of the Earth and said unto mankind as I did to the creatures I created go forth and multiply and as the bodies of mankind male and female are formed in the womb also is it that the creatures of the Earth in like manner bring forth their off spring but in many other diverse ways but is even as the fowls of the air and ground do procreate by the laying of their eggs as it is so also with the fish of the seas excepting marine mammals but all are in all of creation brought forth by the creation of an egg and the seed impregnating the Egg to bring forth physical life each one of the creatures of the Earth after their kind and as so it is with mankind there has to be an egg and the seed thereof to impregnate the egg to bring forth in all of the creation the creatures and mankind even upon all of the face of the Earth. First their body in the womb or in the egg is formed then the breath of animal life is breathed into the creatures of the Earth of which once when their lives are ended being innocent of any sin crime or transgression their animal spirit or soul is returned unto Me for as they came out from Me so shall they all return unto Me not so with mankind for as afore said many times the souls of mankind hath been created in My Image meaning because of this they cannot be erased from existence only punished as all of mankind in Adam and Eve being found guilty of breaking My very first commandment of which I said if they broke it then they would surely die and they did in effect their souls died by being cut off from the source of all life even I Myself for I am the source of all life in the Universe whether or not mankind believes it to be so or not for it is and so shall it ever be. Thus so said My existence relies not upon mankind’s belief or unbelief but mankind’s existence upon the face of the Earth is reliant upon Me, thus it is I give Life and can take it away of which I do so at the end of mankind’s life upon the face of the Earth but it is that I will not because of My image in mankind though corrupt wipe mankind from existence I created in the beginning a place where all of the fallen of mankind could be banished to even all of those who from the beginning who broke My Holy Laws and Commandments especially the very first commandment that caused mankind to be cut off from Me although My first promise to mankind once cast out was to send upon the Earth a redeemer and saviour that was to become the only way back to Me and to everlasting life of which in the Messiah IMMANUEL that promise was fulfilled. But the evidence of My unwillingness to wipe mankind from existence because of My image in mankind though corrupted is the very bottomless pit all who break all of My Holy Laws and commandments are cast into forever. Thus the teaching by many that at the end of life upon the Earth mankind ceases utterly and totally to exist is a lie and hath by the truth proven over many ages that life after physical death does exist but only in one of two places My Heavenly Kingdom or the bottomless pit/hell and the truth many seek to avoid believing in is that all of mankind in the very near future are going to have to answer for their lives on Earth when My Judgment day dawns. Thus say I though it is that if I find these Nations even North and South Korea and Japan guilt of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Law I shall in wrath and anger shall rain down upon their heads death and destruction by whirlwind and fire Earth quake volcanoes and great storms of tornadoes hurricanes of such magnitude all in their path shall perish but not only for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments but also I shall punish in wrath and anger the Governments of these Nations especially one for the treatment of the people of that Nation they it is are those that shall in no way escape the Iron Rod of My Just judgement especially for their failure to meet the needs of their people even providing adequate care for the sick the elderly the very young the deaf and the blind the provision of homes for their homeless care and protection of the orphans of those nations. But more so shall I punish one Nation if I find it guilty of great wickedness immorality and corruption and if also I find them breaking one of MY chief commandments the falling down before and worshiping of graven images even the Nation that I have in wrath and anger by My swift and terrible sharp sword have already struck which was and is but a warning for that Nation to take notice of if it wishes to avoid My wrath and anger being poured out to such and extent that it is by Me wiped from the face of the Earth. But as with the other Nations thus to be Judged if found guilty of breaking by Holy Laws and commandments the failure by their governments to meet the needs of the needy of their Nation especially their children and guilty of the pollution and destruction of their environment that hath been the cause of the deaths and injuries of hundreds of thousands of the creatures of My creation of which I shall never hold the guilty guiltless but shall be purpose to rain down upon their heads death and destruction, as afore mentioned a time of grace and mercy in which these Nations can if they will repent of all of their great wickedness corruption immorality and the wicked treatment of the people of their Nation by their governments and by faith in the only true Messiah IMMANUEL are redeemed then it shall be after the time of grace and mercy hath ended repentance being forthcoming blessing prosperity and peace shall follow thereafter and a place in the Heaven of Heavens before My throne but if not upon Judgement day only a certain looking forward to being judged found guilty and cast into the bottomless pit and the lake of the fires of everlasting torment that resides therein.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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