Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel creator and redeemer of mankind and of the Holy People Israel as afore said unto thee as concerning Brexit and the vain hope of the government in electing a new leader and Prime Minister of which I know and have ordained the one who is to succeed the former Prime minister a new deal will be able to be negotiated with the EU. But as afore said that is for Me to know and thou to find out and the one who will succeed will not be a supporter of the UK remaining a member of the EU but will as they have promised to seek to renegotiate a fresh deal that will be beneficial to the UK and the EU but without the Back Stop. First and foremost I have ordained from the beginning the course and destination that Brexit in the end will reach which will be the one no one wants but all shall deserve and have given in the end by Me saith the Lord God. But as concerning the vain hope of renegotiating a new deal with the EU. From the very start the EU has had one attitude towards the UK and it has not and never will change and is revealed throughout the negotiations in the intransigent position of the EU Government and council. Yes indeed it wants not for the UK to leave the EU for it knows it will be far worse for the EU if the UK leaves especially in a no deal scenario not only economically but in as far as the loses it will suffer in as far as trade with the UK is concerned and the Spanish and Irish border issues and believes falsely that if it stick to it intransigent position because of the majority of Parliamentary Mp’s being remainers and the concerns of the financial and business sectors that either the British Government will give in and agree to the deal on the table or revoke article fifty and that is in essence their goal because of the way the UK government in the past Brexit negotiations the British Government was willing to compromise in every way possible to get basically a progressive trade deal with the EU meaning a tariff freed border in effect the same as it is now and this is the carrot; a progressive trade deal always on offer never delivered and never would have been; put before the donkey to lead it the UK down the path the EU wanted the UK to go and would have succeeded but for the backstop. But upon saying thus the EU will settle for nothing less than revocation of article fifty or an acceptance of the deal on to table because the UK had and has the audacity of wanting to leave the EU the EU would like nothing better than to make the UK a subservient Nation subject to EU rules and regulations and to the European courts of Justice and that is in essence what the deal on the table without a termination date means and seeing Britain a weak divided Nation the EU believes as said in the end will get what it wants one way or another. Thus as said afore as concerning the Leader and the Government are concerned a strong determined Leader capable of leading the country in the Brexit negotiation with the same attitude that the EU has towards the UK and a Government capable of Uniting a catastrophically divided United Kingdom.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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