Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the lord God f the whole of creation and even the only true eternal Passover Lamb saviour and redeemer of mankind and all of the Holy People whose blood alone cleanses from all sins transgressions and the crimes of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and through whom alone can any enter into My Heavenly Kingdom eve the only true Messiah IMMANUEL. Thus as in My Word I say the first shall be the last and the last shall be the first to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven so shall I apply it thus unto this world unto thee. Thus say the first be dealt with shall be the Brexit dilemma and those who as thou wouldst put it are bent on frustrating Brexit thus say I they shall be the only ones to be frustrated for all of their endeavours in seeking to do so will come to nought as those who seek to use Brexit for their own profit gain and popularity and self exultation; of whom should consider pride comes before a fall; that will in the end result in the opposite especially in as far as the next general election is concerned. But in as far as those concerned who are seeking to frustrate the will of the British People as afore said no matter how they seek to do so they alone shall be frustrated. For as so said by Me many a time that the path course and end of Brexit hath by Me been ordained even according to My Holy Will and purposes even a Brexit as so said no one wants least of all the EU and Parliament but the one all will in the end get. But I so say this thus far on the horizon I see not yet the coming of a strong determined leader taking up the position of becoming the British Prime Minister who can with understanding wisdom and knowledge bring an end to the Brexit disaster and who will negotiate with the EU a deal beneficial to both the UK and the EU ending the present hard walled intransigent uncompromising position of both sides of the Brexit negotiations for as it takes two to fall out and become enemies so it takes two to forgive and become once again friends the same with Brexit if it was to follow the path now set by both sides of the Brexit negotiations there shall be as with an argument betwixt friends no winners and as it is when friends are willing to forge one other and make up no there are no losers so also with Brexit if both sides in friendship are willing to compromise there shall be no losers only winners for a Brexit compromise will lead to both sides prospering thereby. But so say I if both sides remain as they are there are going to be no winners only losers. Thus this is why I have ordained for both sides a Brexit neither wants for all I see at the present time an irresistible force meeting an immovable object which inevitably ends up destroying both. Thus it is as with the last becoming first and the first becoming last, lastly it is that as I have judged thus far the Nations of the Caribbean so must the Judging of them all and those of the west coast of the Southern Continent of the Americas continue and as with the others if found guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws I shall punish them but not only for the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments shall these Nations be punish if found guilty of the breaking thereof but also if found guilty of great wickedness immorality and corruption of the pollution and devastation of the environment that doth not only result in the deaths of the creatures of My creation but of many of mankind especially in as far as these Nations are Concerned the pollution and devastation of the marine environment surrounding these Islands caused not only by the inhabitants thereof but of the visitors to these Islands whose only thought and care is not for the environment but their pleasure and enjoyment the attitude of which is so long as they enjoy themselves the environment and the welfare of the marine creatures of these Islands created By Me are of little or no concern to them especially seeing as they are there only there for a short time what little environmental damage could they cause and I would say little is caused just one visitor but the many millions of visitors that cause catastrophic damage because of the numbers thereof even to the environment of these Island and who are first to complain of the way visitors treat their Nation leaving as they did behind them a damaging trail of pollution; thus the saying Judge not Least ye shall be Judged; and environmental destruction. Little is taken notice of the trail of pollution and environmental devastation left behind by ever increasing tourism it is therefore not just the hundreds and thousands of tourist air craft polluting the Earth atmosphere that causes damage death and destruction but as so said the trail of pollution left behind that I shall Judge and punish mankind for. Thus also shall I Judged these Island Nations governments for failing to meet the needs of the needy of their Nations of the poor and destitute the poverty stricken the homeless and the orphan the young and vulnerable needing protection against those who would harm abuse of murder them. Thus also shall I punish these governments for failing to provide adequate health care facilities for the sick the disabled and the lame especially for the terminally ill and for the prisoner humane prisons and proper care facilities Thus for all the sins crimes and transgression as so set down especially in as far as the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Holy Moral Law by these Nations and even also of great wickedness immorality and corruption if found guilty by the all consuming fires of My Wrath and anger by Earth Quake and great storms by whirlwind and fire by hurricanes and tornadoes by floods and drought plague and pestilence famines and volcanic activity in divers places by the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment shall I punished them but as with the other Nations so also with these a time of grace and mercy given wherein any of these Nations if they will can turn and repent seeking for forgiveness and salvation by Faith in the only true Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb whose shed blood alone cleanses from all sins transgressions and the crimes f the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments thus if repentance is forthcoming in that time so shall showers of blessing rain down upon the penitent sinners and even shall I give unto all the peace that passeth all understanding and instead of wrath and anger peace and prosperity and happiness and at the end of Earthly Life ascension into MY Heavenly Kingdom. But be assured if repentance and the seeking of forgiveness through faith in the Messiah IMMANUEL is not forth coming wrath and anger death and destruction and at Judgment day being condemned forever to the bottomless pit and sheol shall surely befall the unrepentant of Mankind

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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