Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven even He who is the creator of the whole of creation the Universe and all that in it that doth exist and who hold the whole of creation in the palm of His hand who is the source of all life physical and Spiritual especial the soul the personality the spiritual part of mankind that shall exist forever when the flesh is cast off in death. The body being the vehicle wherein a person exists throughout their life upon the face of the Earth and when in death the body is cast off the person within that body comes before My throne in Eternity to be judge the soul the personality the person cannot as the body perish for mankind’s soul personality person the spiritual part of mankind cannot perish but shall exist forever as I so said in the beginning I made mankind in My Image and though mankind fell and My image in mankind is corrupt and fallen cannot cease to exist neither can I saith the Lord God of Host cause the soul person personality the spiritual being of mankind to cease to exist for My image therein remains it would be like causing a part of Myself to exist which cannot be and of a truth My image in mankind makes mankind a part of Me to put it in human terms it’s like a father killing his own beloved son, thus whilst it grieves Me greatly to Judged the rebellious and disobedient breakers of My Holy Laws and Commandments and to punish them by banishing them to the bottomless pit yet it must be if they remain unrepentant and refuse to obey My Holy Laws and Commandments and do My Will willingly by faith becoming loving obedient faithful children even My children then of necessity they must be cast out even as sooner or later it is with human families disobedient rebellious children who cause trouble and upset the rest of the family causing arguments and divisions within the family must be a first be to leave and then upon refusing must for peace and stability and for the sake of the whole family be cast out of the family home with the words that if they turn from their rebellious disobedient wicked ways thay can return. So as I AM the creator and Father of all of mankind and all of mankind My children in the respect of at birth through procreation breath into all of mankind their souls or personalities the spiriual part of their existence at birth so must I cast out all the rebellious wicked corrupt of mankind who break My Holy Laws and commandments banishing them to the bottomless pit even as also a human parent is forced to cast out a rebellious and disruptive child who refuses to obey the parents respect the family home and obey all the rules set down and by their actions take away the peace security and happiness of a loving family and family home but on doing so gives them a way whereby they can return to the family home if they are willing to do so but it must be the way as so set down by the head of the family which proves the genuine willingness of the child to change their ways and reform their character and obey their parents willingly with a loving heart carring more for the good of the family than their own selfish rebellious disobedient destructive ways. and their own good. So also I have set down the only way whereby all of the rebellious wicked of mankind can return unto Me and to enter the family home as has many others so done even the Kingdom of Heaven which if mankind had not fallen all of mankind would have entered therein and all of mankind My Children and I the Father of all of mankind but that was not so and mankind fell. Thus the way back into the family home was first set down as promise of a saviour to come through whom all of mankind could return unto Me and once more be able to enter My Heavenly Kingdom even the Kingdom of Heaven and though many have and still rerun through the promised Messiah by faith yet it grieves Me greatly that many do not and at Judgment day I shall have to Judge and punish them by forever banishing them from My presence to that place of banishment even the bottomless pit and punish them forever for rebelling against Me in the disobedience of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments even through in Loving Kindness and mercy I have sought for all of mankind to repent and through Faith in the Messiah Immanuel return unto Me yet many would and will not whose judgment of them is Just and upon them shall descend forever the full fury of My wrath and anger in the bottomless from which there can be for all of those cast therein no return. Proving once and forever that they will not change they will not repent of all their wicked rebellious law breaking ways for if as so said they were willing to do so they would have when given the opportunity to repent be forgiven and cleansed of all sins transgressions and the crime of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. But as so said in the coming completion of the Judging of the Nations and the ending of the days of grace and mercy that the remaining Nations of the Earth to be Judged shall soon be accomplished even as I so said they would be even of some of the Nations of Europe and of the west coast of South and Central America even as I shall Judge these Nations Ecuador Peru and Chile and if found guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments I shall with the all consuming fires of My Wrath and Anger shall if these Nation repent not shall with the Iron Rod of My Just Judgement and the terrible swift sharp sword in the right hand of He to whom I have placed it strike them all down unto the dust of the ground even by great Earth Quakes Tornadoes Hurricanes mighty storms and foods tidal waves and tsunamis followed by drought famine pestilence disease so much so that many great cities i=f these Nation shall no more exist upon the face of the Earth but not alone shall I punish these and the remaing Nations to be Judged for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments but and also for the pollution and devastation of the environment of the Earth and of the seas and oceans of the Earth that hath and is causing the deaths of many of the creatures of My creation of which I shall not Hold these Nations guiltless but as said afore shall punish them by the out pouring of My wrath and anger upon them and at Judgement day upon finding them guilt not only of the sins crimes and transgression of the pollution and destruction and devastation of the environment and thereby the unnecessary cruel slaughter of the creatures of My creation but Mainly the breaking as a fore said of all of My Holy Laws and commandments and especially the breaking of all of My Holy Moral Laws as are so set down in My Word of which shall in Judgment the punishment thereof that is due shall be strictly adhered to thought it is also that I shall Judge most severely the governments of the Nations of South America for failing to meet the needs of the needy of their Nations even the sick the disabled the lame the elderly the widow and the orphan the destitute the poverty stricken the homeless especially providing adequate care and protection for the young and the very young against those who would harm or abuse them as I say unto these government they do nto other I shall return it tenfold upon their own heads whether good or ill. But as so sai once the time of grace and mercy given to these and all the Judged Nations of the Earth wherein they can if they will repent by Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL comes to and end the punishing of the Nations one by one shall begin and shall not end until all the Nations for the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and for all manner of great wickedness immorality and corruption have been punish as is so set down iin MY WORD AND DEMANDED BY MY HOLY LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS. For as said in My Word not one jot or full stop shall be omitted for all shall be fulfilled as is so set down in all of the My Holy Word Law and the prophets.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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