Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel creator of all of creation the Universe and all that hath doth and shall exist therein without whom nothing could exist that doth exist even the Earth and all that exists thereon even all of the creatures thereof and especially mankind whom He did create from the very dust of the ground and breathed into them their immortal living souls created in His image, in His image created He them to go forth and multiply and cover the face of the Earth to the glory of My Holy Name saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heavens who hath set the stars in their course and the Earth to orbit the Sun and the Moon the Earth that I have ordained from the very beginning to follow the course and path thus set for them to follow and of which they shall do so until the dawning of My Judgment day. Thus as so said I have Judged and shall Judge and weigh in the balances of My Just Judgment all the Nations of the Earth all of those thus far that have been Judged and those few yet to be Judged even these Nations Kosovo Andorra San Marino Monaco Costa Rica Cyprus the Cayman Islands Columbia Panama Nicaragua El Salvador Honduras Guatemala Belize and Mexico even shall I judge all of these Nations as I have Judged those Nation thus far by Me that have been Judged and when these have been Judged the full weight of the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger shall be poured forth upon all the unrepentant wicked immoral corrupt Nations of the Earth that have been found guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. Thus it shall be that all of these Nations yet to be Judged if I find them guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments if these also; after being given the chance of repenting by turning from their great wickedness and from the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and by faith being redeemed by being cleansed of all unrighteousness by the shed blood of the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL and thus become Holy and righteous in My sight and becoming the children of the Living God inheritors of My Heavenly Kingdom and in Judgement acquitted being Holy and Righteous in My sight and being passed over by the angel of death upon seeing the blood of the Eternal Passover Lamb upon the doors and lintels of their hearts and from thence ascend thereafter into the Kingdom of Heaven; remain unrepentant they shall indeed suffer their deserved punishment at My Hand through the outpouring of My wrath and anger upon them when they come before Me to be Judged when My Judgment day dawns after which the angel of death shall take them and cast them into the bottomless pit and the Lake of the fires of eternal torment. Thus as so said afore I repeat that the souls of all of mankind are immortal and cannot and shall not cease to exist but shall with the adversary and his followers be cast by the Angel of death into the bottomless pit and locked therein forever for as said there is a great gulf fixed over which none can cross betwixt the Earth and the bottomless pit and the Heaven of Heavens. But it is that mankind still asks why can the souls of mankind; their personalities; not cease to exist? To put it plainly and simply because of My Image in all of the souls of mankind and also that I AM THAT I AM am the creator of all of mankind they are all My children and I their Father even as a Earthly father is a father of both the rebellious and wicked child and the upright and obedient child both are his children one if remaining disobedient and rebellious must be cast out for the sake of the whole family whilst the obedient and upright child remains in the home so also it is with Me all the wicked rebellious and disobedient of mankind must and shall be cast out and banished from My Heavenly Kingdom. In the beginning all of mankind were because of Adam and eve’s disobedience to that first commandment were cast out of My heavenly Eden along with the adversary and his followers and all the host of the heaven of heavens and those who remained obedient remained in My Heavenly Kingdom even the seraphim cherubim and all the heavenly hosts who have served since the beginning before My throne night and day doing My will perfectly in all of My Kingdom willingly. But as so said and so promised as afore said a way back into My Heavenly Kingdom if thou will the eternal Heavenly Home was through My promise to send a saviour redeemer and messiah to come who would through His sacrifice upon the altar of grace provide a way whereby those of mankind and the Holy People willing to repent of their sins crimes transgressions committed in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments could by faith be redeemed by Him and return unto Me saith the Lord God and at the end of their lives on Earth enter the Kingdom of Heaven even My Heavenly Home which also would become their Heavenly Home forever and that promise was fulfilled in the Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb IMMANUEL. But now it is that I have Judged in the balances of My Just Judgment these Nations even Chile Ecuador and Peru as so said found them guilt of breaking all of My Holy Laws and commandments and unless they repent and turn unto Me through Faith in the Messiah the eternal Passover Lamb saviour and redeemer then the full weight of My wrath and anger by the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment shall descend upon them at the end of the time of grace and mercy given wherein if l any Nation thus Judged can if they will repent by faith in the Messiah and be redeemed forgiven and through His shed blood be cleansed from all unrighteousness wickedness and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and made holy and righteous in My sight thus becoming children of the Living God. But once the period of grace and mercy comes to any end then the punishing as so set down in the Judging of these Nations shall begin and not cease until all is totally and perfectly fulfilled even according as also so set down and revealed in My Holy Word and as so demanded by My Holy Laws and commandments. But as with the other Nation not only shall I punish these Nations for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Law but also for the pollution and devastation of the environment of which is the cause of the suffering and deaths of many of the creatures of My creation, also shall I punish the government of these Nations for their failure to meet the needs of the needy of their Nations even the sick disabled the widow the orphan the homeless the elderly the destitute and the poverty stricken thus it shall be that I shall punish these Nations by Earthquake and fire with whirlwinds and great storms tornadoes and hurricanes and floods followed by drought famine pestilence and plague and even of disease on such a scale as to be called by the Nations pandemics but these punishments as so said shall only befall these Nations full measure once the days of grace and mercy hath ended.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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