Thus saith the Lord God of Abrham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the heaven of heavens creator of the Universe and all that in it is even all of the Star and Galaxies and the wonders thereof as said afore that the first shall be last and the last first so shall I deal with the issue of Brexit at this time as cncerning the actions of those who voted to remain within the EU are seeking by any and all means to frustrate the will of the British people who in the majority voted to leave thus revealing the childish behaviour of those in the minority who voted to remain in effect acting like spoiled children who when their parents refuse to give them their own way begin to stamp and scream their heads off believing if they shout loud enough and stamp their feet hard enough in the end they will get their own way the difference with the spoiled children and the remainers is that no matter how hard they scream and no matter how hard they stamp their feet and no matter how they seek to alter the course of Brexit they will fail they will never get their own way for it is and shall be as said afore that the only Brexit that will be forth coming is that Brexit I have ordained to be delivered unto the UK and the EU a Brexit as said afore that no one will like or want but all will deserve and get even as I have ordained it so to be even according to as so set down My will and purposes to the glory of My Holy Name. But one point must be made that if as thou wouldst put it the boot had been on the other foot and the leavers had lost the vote as was so in the past would have accepted the outcome graciously without any kind of protest whatsoever thus by their very actions the shameful character of those who voted to remain is revealed for all to see. But what has to be to the shame of the remainers is that they have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the EU who knowing if the UK eventually did leave on its own terms it would have a massive detrimental effect on the economy of the EU and the opposite effect on the economy of the UK because of its ability to dictate it own trading agreements with the rest of the World no longer being bound and fettered by EU rules and regulations not to mention the loss of revenue the EU suffer loosing because of the reduction of exports into the UK which far outweighs it imports from the UK and the tariff loses if fears loosing from the UK’s trading with the rest of the World over which the UK has little or no overall control and like the rest of the EU Nations is subject to the rules regulations and laws of the EU central commission which is in effect another name for a central government that holds sway over all of its member parts. There is a saying that the worst kind of slavery is a willing slavery but the rest of the EU should be wary of the ambitions of the EU in seeking a federal Europe in that in the past many of the European central Nations have sought to resurrect the old Holy Roman Empire the Last of which was Charlemagne. Thus as so said all the attempts by any in Parliament to alter the path and destiny of Brexit so ordain by Me saith the Holy One of Israel will fail and the Brexit no one wants but all deserve of a certainty by Me shall be given

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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