Thus saith the Lord god of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Hosts even the I AM THAT I AM who hath in all eternity planned and ordained to come to pass the whole creation from the minutest particle of matter unto the vastness of the Universe down unto the minutest detail thereof and as I planned and ordained it to come to pass so hath all been fulfilled as so planned and ordained by Me saith the Lord God in all of eternity for as it is with mankind in the building of a house so also with the creating of all of creation even all that is was and ever shall be. First the designing planning and drafting and then commanding to exist the whole of creation according to My ordained plan and then the laying thereof of the foundations that the whole of creation was to be built upon even as is so set down in My Word that in the beginning that all of the Universe was without form and void as was the Heavens and the Earth and upon those foundations was built as hath so come to pass unto this day the whole of creation even the Universe the Galaxies the stars and planets and the wonders thereof to the glory of My Holy Name and in the midst thereof as so said I afore commanded I to come into existence the Earth and the Sun and the Moon and as I command so it came to pass and I created mankind thereon from the dust of the ground and breath into them their living souls and commanded them not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil of which they disobeyed and in doing so fell bring into existence the passage of time, death and corruption for before mankind fell they and all of the creatures of the Earth were immortal for time exist not only eternity. Thus it was that sin transgression and the crimes of the breaking of My Holy Law and commandment by mankind came into existence the first being the murder of Abel by his brother Cain thus first was given unto mankind the coming of a promised saviour and redeemer; of which fulfilled in the coming of the Messiah; who would save My people out of every land tribe and Nation who came to believe in Him as their only true saviour, redeemer and only true eternal Passover Lamb by Faith and would by faith in Him be forgiven of all their sins crimes and transgression and made Holy Pure and Righteous in My sight and saved from My wrath to come and inherit My Kingdom even the Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens when at the end of time mankind would be Judged on Judgment day and all the wicked and disobedient of mankind would be Judged found guilty and punished by the casting of them into the bottomless pit forever along with he who took the form of a serpent and caused the fall of mankind tempting them by a lie to disobey My first commandment . But not only at the beginning when mankind fell did I warn mankind of the day of Judgment to come but also revealed unto My servants that at the end of time the old heavens would be rolled up as one rolls up like unto a scroll and as a corrupt and useless scroll is cast into the fire to be burned so would the old heavens and Earth be as the scroll rolled up destroyed and thereafter I would created a New Heavens and Earth wherein time, death and corruption existed not. But it is as I so warned mankind that Judgment day would come at the end of time so now the end of time is not far off these being now the last days and all that hath fulfilled is the punishing of the Nations thus by Me Judged one by one and the Last great Battle at Megiddo. Thus as I have from all eternity ordained it as I have ordained all things to come to pass so shall all now come to pass as hath been in eternity ordained by Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation EVEN ADONAI ELOHIM TZVA’OT AND THE MESSIAH IMMANUEL AND ROACH HACKODESH. Thus as I so said as I have Judged and found these Nations guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandments so shall I in wrath and anger punish them even according to and as so demanded by My Holy Laws and Commandments, unless they repent and turn unto Me having been redeemed by faith by being made holy pure righteous in My sight by being been cleansed by the cleansing blood of the only true saviour redeemer and eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL for as so said many a time without the shedding of blood there is can be no remission for sins transgressions and the crimes of not only breaking My Holy laws and Commandments but of also original sin inherited from mankind’s first parents. But not only shall I punish these for the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments but and also for the committing of great wickedness corruption immorality and iniquity and also for the pollution and the destruction of the environment of which mankind could bring to an end if the majority of mankind had the will to do so of which only a minority of mankind hath even at the present for as so said the pollution of the environment is not only caused by the careless disposal of manufactured products but because of the misuse in the extreme of fossil fuels and also the lack of respect for creation and the creature of My creation that hath resulted in their cruel injuries and death even in the hundreds of thousands thereof that if I allowed it to continue; of which in no way can I do so; in the end after but a less than a couple of hundred years mankind would be in danger of becoming extinct. For as s said the Earth’s environment is now at a stage beyond which if mankind continues to as so said misuse to extremes fossil fuels and other of the earth’s resources as so provide by Me in the creation of the Earth, the Earth’s environment will be beyond the point of no return and that point shall in the passing of it; of which is but a very short period of time away even less than a decade; no matter what mankind does the environment will be beyond recovery the creatures of My creation species by species will become extinct at an ever increasing rate along with increased deforestation and loss of arable land for crops production along with the vegetation thereof. Thus because of the treatment of My creation and the misuse of the resources of the Earth by mankind and having Judged all the Nations of the Earth and upon doing so found the majority guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandment of a certainty when indeed these days of grace and mercy have come to an end unless all of mankind turns from their wicked disobedient corrupt immoral and perverse ways then the full force of the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger shall not only befall these Nation thus now judged but I shall as so said most severely punish with the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment all of mankind and each and every unrepentant Nation Judged and found guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and the committing of all manner of wickedness corruption and immorally one by one and when completed shortly thereafter shall the day of the Judging of all of mankind begin both of the quick and the death even all of those now alive and those already passed on. Thus as so said having Judged these Nations even Lesotho and the Madeira islands so shall they also if found unrepentant be punished along with all the unrepentant Nations of the Earth but and if they repent and turn unto Me through Faith in the only true saviour redeemer and Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL then instead of punishment wrath and anger and at the end of Earthy existence cast in the bottomless pit there shall be poured forth showers of blessing peace and prosperity and a place in the My Heavenly Kingdom forever. But and also shall I Judge these Island and all the Nations governments and if found guilty of failing to meet the needs of the need of their people even the sick the disabled the blind deaf and dumb the widow orphan and the elderly the destitute and the poverty stricken but and specially failing to provide adequate care and protection for the young the very young and the vulnerable against those who would harm abuse or even murder them I shall indeed of a certainty punish these governments most severely. BUT SAY I AS SAID AFOR NO REPENTANCE NO FORGIVNESS NO FORVIVENESS NO REDEMPTION NO REPEMPTION NO SALVATION AND NO SALVATION ONLY A LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING CASST INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT AFTER BEING JUDGED UPON JUDGMENT DAY.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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