Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel the Lord God creator of the Universe and all that exists therein even the Earth on which the creatures of My creation and mankind live and move and have their being all of whom I formed from the dust of the Earth and breath into Mankind the breath of life even their soul created in Mine own image in My Image created I their souls both male and female created I them. Thus say I in as far as Brexit is concerned that the path course and destination by Me hath been as I ordained it to be as fixed as the stars in the heavens and as the Earth in a fixed orbit around the sun and as the orbit is fixed as afore said so is the path and destination of Brexit. But say I unto thee from the time the referendum vote result was announced until now the remainers have had but one agenda and that is to hijack and stop Brexit no matter what, they have no interest in the UK leaving with or without a deal the only interest they have is in making sure Brexit never happens and in as far as respecting the referendum vote they have no intentions of doing so as is seen in parliament by the way in which the remainers to voted down any Brexit deal the Government negotiated with the EU in the past that had any possibility of the UK leaving the EU with a deal even as they are so seeking so to do at this present moment which in reality hath brought to light their true intentions by the Uniting of all remainers politicians in Parliament; which are in the majority; to stop the present governments actions in proroguing Parliament for the Queens speech whether or not the Government had any intentions of using it or not to facilitate a no deal Brexit if no deal could be agreed with the EU before the thirty first of October and even if a deal had been reached with the EU the remainers would still have sought to vote down any deal that was not to their likening; the only deal that will be to the remainers liking will be the revoking of article fifty and the UK remaining in EU lock stock and barrel as is the position of the EU contrary to the wishes of the majority of the people of the UK of which they have little or no respect for and of which the seventies all the leavers respected the then vote result which meant the UK staying in the EU; brought back by the present Prime Minister for as said the remainers both in parliament and in the country have no intentions whatsoever of respecting the referendum vote even if a beneficial deal with EU is agreed for the UK to leave the EU the only intention they are willing to respect is their own intentions of making sure the UK remains within the EU no matter what. But the attitude of the Parliamentarians is like unto it was in Cromwell’s day when he had with his new model army to march on Parliament and throw all of the then members out by force for using the countries assets and wealth to further own interests and pocket they having little or no interest in the then state of poverty stricken general public and closed down parliament and became The Lord Protector of the UK. For as said afore all the members of parliament are supposed to be impartial in as far as the Governing of the UK is concerned and not partisan in any way shape of form whatsoever to one political persuasion or another that when attending Parliament it is the duty and responsibility to leave there own particular personal political beliefs and leanings at the door and govern the UK as they are expected to by those citizens of the UK who voted them into office to govern the UK on their behalf according to the promises made when so elected to office and though the extreme action that Cromwell took in his day is not warranted at the present time nevertheless Parliament needs to get its act together and govern this Nations as expected by the people of the UK instead of acting like spoilt children in a play ground spoiling for a fight the remainers and the EU on one side of the playground and the leavers who won the referendum vote on the other side of the play ground and of course the playground being parliament and there is only one sentence can be directed at adults acting like spoilt children and thou knowest what that is!

This is the Word of the Lord God to thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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