Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Hosts even of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens creator of all that is was and ever shall be even according to My will and purposes as so set down in all eternity I who hold the Universe in the palm of My Hand and without whom nothing can exist that doth exist especially the Earth and all that lives moves and hath their being thereon even all the creatures and mankind created from the dust of the ground and unto the dust of the ground they shall return never more to be seen upon the Face of Earth. Thus it is and shall be in these Last Days and the End of days to come that My wrath and anger shall indeed be poured forth upon all the wicked of the Earth until Judgment day when all shall come before Me to be Judged those who are righteous having by Faith been redeemed through being cleansed and made pure and Holy in My sight through the blood of the eternal Passover Lamb the saviour redeemer of the Holy People even Israel and all of mankind and the only true Messiah IMMANUEL and when I say all I mean all the quick those alive when Judgment day dawns and all of those who have passed from the face of the Earth since the beginning of time of whom I shall call forth from their graves to stand before Me and be Judged and if having been redeemed by Faith in the only true Messiah shall ascend into My Kingdom of Heaven and those who have not been redeemed shall be having been found guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and of great wickedness immorality and corruption and all manner of sins trespasses and the crimes in all of their lives when upon Earth shall be cast there from by the Angel of Death headlong into the bottomless pit wherein the fires of torment in the lake of fire rage forever. Thus from this time until that final day shall I when the days of grace and mercy given by Me have ended punish as said afore all the Nations of the Earth one by one and as I have warned so have I set upon Earth the signs of that which is to come of which of late have passed before the even the warning of that which is to come upon all the Judged Nations of the Earth. Thus as I have warned of these days to come and mankind in the majority have heeded not and are unrepentant of their wicked ways and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments their own blood is on their own heads and have but themselves to blame if in Judgement are found guilty and are condemned forever to the bottomless pit and the repentant of and by Me blessed add infinitum to dwell with Me for all eternity. For it is that if I had not warned mankind of My wrath in Judgment to come then mankind would have had an excuse before Me when Judged but because I have warned all of mankind of that which is to come then all of the unrepentant of mankind shall have no excuse whatsoever when before Me in Judgement. Thus it is that the days of grace and mercy are coming to an end as of yet there are still a few Nations to be Judged but once they have then shall be poured out the all comsuming fires of My wrath and anger upon all of the Nations that dwell upon the face of the Earth having been Judged. Thus from this day shall be measured as so set down in My Word the days of wrath and anger poured forth until Megiddo and from thence until Judgment day dawns. But a so said and set down I have Judged these two Island Nations and shall in wrath and anger once the days of grace and mercy have ended as so said concerning the rest of the Nations thus Judged by Me so shall these also be punish even according to My Holy Laws and Commandments unless they turn and repent and by Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb are redeemed and made pure and holy in My sight through His righteousness; the righteousness of mankind being but as filthy rags full of all wickedness corruption immorality and iniquity; but not alone shall these be punished for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws but for all manner of wickedness corruption immorality and iniquity in wrath and anger by Earth quake and great storms hurricanes and tornados of volcanic eruption of floods and tidal waves of whirlwinds and fire followed by the increased heat of the sun bearing down upon the land so that it becomes as hard as rock unable to bring forth crops or vegetation resulting in great famines plagues and pestilence and diseases so viralent that none shall be able to contain or halt them thus also shall I punish the Governments of these Nations if found guilty in the failing of their duty and responsibility given not only by the people but by Me to meet the needs of the needy of their people no matter who they be even of the sick the terminally ill of the blind deaf and dumb of the widow and the orphan of the Homeless and the destitute and poverty stricken especially in failing to provide adequate care and protect for their young very young and vulnerable from those who would harm abuse of even kill them and also the refugees seeking refuge from persecution civil war and starvation for it is the duty and responsibility given by Me saith the Lord God of Host of those Nations and lands and peoples who have plenty to meet the needs of the needy and of those who have nothing and those who fail in the meeting of their God given duty and responsibility shall have their plenty taken away from them by Me and given to those who have nothing and then shall I in wrth and anger punish them even unto the dust of the ground. But say I this if these two nations do repent and upon being forgiven of all sins transgressions turn unto Me having been redeemed by Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL in these remaining days of grace and mercy then instead of wrath and anger death and destruction everlasting life showers of blessing peace and prosperity and a place prepared for those who do repent in My Heavenly Kingdom at My right hand forever. THUS AS SO SAID I TO ALL THE HOLY PEOPLE ISRAEL SO SAY I UNTO THESE NATIONS NO REPENTANCE NO FORGIVENESS NO FORGIVENESS NO REDEMPTION NO REDEMTION NO SALVATION AND ONLY IN JUDGMENT LOOKING FORWARD TO BE JUDGED CONDEMNED AND CAST BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT.

This is the Word of The Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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