Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

As concerning the present legislation passed by parliament and made legal and binding having gained Royal Ascent as was the first referendum vote in twenty sixteen the only mandate being that if the vote was in favour of leaving the EU without any terms and conditions applied thereunto the Government was under obligation to fulfil that legislation to the letter of the Law and does not the first Brexit act of Parliament made Law and the referendum vote resultant legislation have Precedence over the second Brexit act of parliament recently made Law and therefore if second Brexit act of Parliament is in breach of the first Brexit act of Parliament doth it not make the second act parliament of none effect and Parliament and the Government under obligation to enact to the letter of the Law the first Brexit act of Parliament and that without any terms and conditions applied of which Parliament at the present is failing so to do and thus then must the question be asked why hath Parliament who is supposed to govern on behalf of the British electorate who elected them to govern the UK on their behalf if Parliament is by this act seeking to apply terms and condition to the Brexit process contrary to the first Brexit act of Parliament and is it therefore not seek to dictate what type of Brexit the British public and electorate should and should not have seeing as the vote was plainly and simply just to LEAVE THE EU and is not Parliament in their efforts not being democratic but dictatorial in so doing and if that is so then Parliament is no longer a democratic governing body but in seek to force upon the British electorate that which they did not in the majority vote for become a dictatorship therefore as with Parliament so with the government in all of its negotiations also therefore in effect no longer a Democratic Government but a dictatorship. But also hath not Parliament by passing the recent act of Parliament broken the Law in regard to the first referendum Brexit act of Parliament passed in twenty sixteen? But even so as I have afore said so saith the Lord God of the whole of creation and the Messiah IMMANUEL as I have so ordain the path course and destination of Brexit so shall it without doubt come to pass even a Brexit that neither the British or the European electorate will like but because of the Brexit negotiation debacle that hath cause so much division upset and distress throughout Europe and the UK the Brexit I shall give shall be a Brexit all shall deserve especially the UK government and the EU government and Central Council.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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