Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even at this time and even the only true eternal Passover Lamb saviour redeemer the Messiah IMMANUEL and through whom were all things created and without whom nothing that was created was created even the all of the Universe and all that in it is the stars the planets the galaxies there of to the glory of My Holy Name and according to My Will and purposes as so set down and planned out in eternity before time came into existence especialy the Earth that once was Eden until Adam and Eve fell and were cast out but were redeemed through Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb the promised Messiah to come and redeem all of those who would by Faith come to believe in Him as their saviour and redeemer thus thereby through His shed blood being made Holy and Righteous in My sight not only of the Holy People Israel alone but from out of every people land tribe and Nation upon the Earth since the beginning and of which shall continue until the very dawn of Judgement day even all of those past present and future who have and are becoming and shall become by faith in the only true Messiah redeemer and Saviour the true children of the Living God who I AM THAT I AM saith the Holy One of Israel and all inheritors of My Heaven Kingdom therein before My Throne to Dwell forever in My presence. But as there have been and are and shall be many who come to believe in Him as their redeemer saviour and eternal Passover Lamb it grieve Me sorely that there are many who are in Judgement because of great wickedness unbelief and the breaking of all My Holy Laws and Commandments shall be shall be condemned to be cast into the bottomless pit of which as so said many a time both to the Nations and in My Word I have and shall not have any Joy in the punishing and casting down unto sheol and the bottomless pit the wicked of mankind and the fallen of My Holy People but rather I would that they repent seeking of Me forgiveness for all of their sins crimes and transgression especially in the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Law and upon being forgiven through Faith in the shed blood of the eternal Passover Lamb be cleansed and redeemed and made Holy Pure and righteous in My sight and become as have many others My Children in spirit and in truth and indeed inheritors of My Heavenly Kingdom who shall in Judgement be passed over by the angel of death and ascend into My Heavenly Kingdom forever. But nevertheless if they as were many in the past and are at the present and shall be in the days to come unwilling to turn and repent then in Judgement I shall have no other option or alternative if those who come before Me to be Judged are found guilty of great wickedness immorality corruption iniquity and evil and especially guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Laws but to banish them forever from My presence and cast them into the bottomless pit along with the Adversary and the Fallen of the Heaven of Heavens into the bottomless pit and into the Lake wherein burns the fires of everlasting torment. But it is also in the Judging of the Nation having found them guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments it also grieves Me to have to punish the Nations for all of their wickedness corruption immorality iniquity and evil but more so for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments as so with the unrepentant of mankind so with the Nations thus Judged and found guilty in the punishing of them their will only be grief and sorrow of heart wishing rather instead of punishment because of repentance and redemption blessing and prosperity and a place perpred in My Heavenly Kingdom but as the time of grace and mercy comes to an end and repentance is not forthcoming only wrath and anger death and destruction in the punishing of the Nations for as said I would do so I shall punish all the unrepentant Nations noy only by the all consuming fires of My wrath and and but by the terrible swift sword of My vengeance upon all of the wicked and disobedient who are have been blatantly and arrogantly breakers of My Holy Laws and Commandments that shall strike them down unto the depths of sheol not only with My swift terrible sharp sword of My vengeance but and also with the IRON ROD of My Just Judgement. Thus it is as I shall punish all the unrepentant Nations of the Earth so shall I punish these two Nations having been found guilty of breaking any and all of My holy Laws and Commandments eve TOKELAU and DJIBOUTI of which I have search out unto perfection to see if there be any in them are Holy pure and righteous in My sight and having found none but all guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and their governments failing to meet the needs of the needy of their Nation even of the sick the terminally ill of the widow and the elderly of the homeless and the outcast of the poverty stricken and destitute of the strangers with their gates but and especially failing to adequately provide care and protection for the young the very young and the vulnerable from those who would harm abuse or kill them I shall punish them but not only for those sins as so set down herein but also for the pollution and destruction of the environment that doth and hath resulted in the cruel deaths and injuries of My creatures of land seas and air. But still I say if these repent of all of their sins crimes and transgressions and their government go out of their way to meet the needs of the needy of their Nation My wrath and anger due once the days of grace and mercy are end shall be withheld and instead of wrath and anger showers of blessing prosperity and peace of heart and mind and a place in MY kingdom prepared for all who do repent and turn unto Me by Faith in the only true eternal PASSOVER LAMB SAVIOUR REDEEMER AND MESSIAH IMMANUEL. THUS THOUGH AS SO SAID I TO ALL THE HOLY PEOPLE ISRAEL SO SAY I UNTO THESE NATIONS NO REPENTANCE NO FORGIVENESS NO FORGIVENESS NO REDEMPTION NO REDEMTION NO SALVATION AND ONLY IN JUDGMENT LOOKING FORWARD TO BE JUDGED CONDEMNED AND CAST BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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