Thus saith the Lord God of ABraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even ADONAI ELOHEI TZVA’OT ceator of all that is was and ever shall be I who Hold all of creation in the palm of My Hand even that ye call the Universe and all that in it that hath doth and shall exist thus as concerning Brexit as afore said so I repeat that as said saith the Holy One of Israel and the Messiah unto thee the British public now should take this Government and Parliament to court over failing to deliver on the referendum vote result of which is by act of parliament legal and binding and does obligate legally the Government and Parliament to deliver a Brexit as voted for by the British Public and that being without terms and conditions. The present political divisions in Parliament and Government is not about whether or not the Government and Parliament should deliver a Brexit as required and voted on by the British public but on a Brexit that the Government and Parliament wish to or are seeking to impose on the UK and therefore on the British Public contrary to the wishes of the majority of the people of the UK who voted to unconditionally leave EU. The main division that exist in the UK is not between the political parties in Parliament and the Government but between Parliament the Government and the British public in that as afore said and implied that the Government and Parliament are seeking to impose on the British People a Brexit they did not vote for or want. But as afore said saith the Lord God the Brexit I have ordained that all shall get even the EU the UK the British public and both houses of Parliament and the Government of which soon very soon by Me shall be delivered is a Brexit no one shall want of like but it shall be one that all shall deserve and the reason for the Brexit I have ordained for the EU and UK is because of the divisions it hath caused both in the EU and the UK in Government and Parliament and the divisions it has cause in the whole of the UK making the UK a divided Nation Government and People and would have remained so if I had not ordained the Brexit I am about to deliver. But Brexit should have been resolved at the very beginning which it could have been if those in charge of the negotiations had, had the necessary wisdom knowledge understanding and have had the necessary negotiating skills to do so of which was evidently drastically and disastrously lacking the proof being the now unresolved state of Brexit after three years of negotiations But as afore said saith the Lord God the Brexit I have ordain all shall get so shall it be I repeat a Brexit no one will like or want especially the UK and EU and Each Nation and every Nation within the UK but a Brexit all shall as I have ordained deserve and get.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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