Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even Adonai Elohei Tzva’ot creator of all that is was and eve shall be the Universe and all that in it exists especially the Sun Moon and stars especially the Earth upon which dwells and exists all the creatures of My creation and Mankind the though fallen being the chief of the whole of My creation unto whom I gave dominion over all the creatures thereof, therefore as I am infinite in all aspects of My being and do hold at this very Moment the Universe in the Palm of My Hand so say I at time unto thee of this Nation people and United? Kingdom that the present Government and Parliament after the recent disgraceful disgusting actions words and deeds displayed in the last Parliamentary session first by the Government and by the various parliamentary Parties in such an undignified disrespect full and dishonourable manner there can be only one Judgment Given by Me saith the Holy One of Israel that this Government and its Leader and the Leader of the opposition and other party leaders are in no way capable or fit to Govern the United Kingdom as elected to do so by the British Electorate. Thus it is saith the Lord God unto thee that it is not Brexit that hath divided the people Nation Parliament and Government of this now DisUnited Kingdom but all the politicians of all parties in Government and in Parliament who have by their words actions and deeds made the last Parliamentary seasons look like bar room or pub brawls giving the impression that if the actions word and deeds had been more intense then it could have erupted in actual fisticuffs. Thus say I the Brexit the British people voted for in the referendum has never been and never intended to be fulfilled by Parliament and the Government according to the wishes of the British Public and this is where the divisions began in that both sides in the Brexit result vote in Parliament and the Government decided right from the start what sort of Brexit the British People were going to get not what they wanted and voted for. The remainers determined no matter what to sabotage Brexit and the leavers determined to impose their Brexit on the British public since the Brexit negotiations began. Has this Government Parliament and all the Parties therein ever consulted all of the British electorate the sort of Brexit the British people wanted or on how they wanted the government go about delivering the Brexit they want and voted for. Thus it is that the Government and Parliament should either now in as far as Brexit is concerned either put up or shut up and give the British people what they voted for lock stock and barrel no matter the consequences. Because of the battle going on in Parliament this United Kingdom is not being governed at all as it should be. Thus say unto Parliament settler thy differences come to an agreement on delivering the Brexit the people want and voted for and get back to Governing the country as it should be and the British Electorate expect as per manifesto promises their country to be Governed it is not the government and parliament that makes a Nation but its people for without the people there is no government or Nation or in this case a Union of Nations. It’s a good job that either Churchill or Cromwell are not alive at this time for they would sort out the government and Parliament in no time and in no short order. But nevertheless the Brexit I have ordained for all concerned to get will shortly be delivered.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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