Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God as so said and do repeat I it is who doth Love and cherish all of My creation even all the creatures of the Earth and especially Mankind for all are sons and daughters unto Me for I in the beginning created their first parents in My image created I them and from them came the whole of the generations of mankind but though My Love for them all is infinite yet not all of Mankind Love Me which causes Me great heart ache grief and pain of which can in a finite way be understood by those of mankind who are parents who have sons and daughters whom they love with all of their hearts yet some of their children love them not and some even hate their parents especially their fathers how much pain I say unto these does it cause thee when a child of thine rejects thy Love and rebels becoming totally disobedient to all that thou doth tell them to do and that for their own good and doth take that rebellion to extremes so much so that in the end thou doth have to tell them for the good of the family to leave the family home and some in the end because some refuse to do so their parents have to resort to forcefully banishing them from the household. But it is after they have left doth that Love for them still remains causing thee extreme worry pain and grief. Thus when they take the wrong path that leads to all manner all of waywardness rebellion against local authorities getting to trouble with the police and the local security authorities resulting in court appearance and even the possibility of imprisonment or taking the path many take leading to drug and alcohol abuse does then Love the love of parents diminish in any way whatsoever and do not the parents seek to take every step and path to try to get their children to change their ways and to turn them from being disobedient rebellious breakers of the law and in many cases alcohol and drug abusers and in some cases hateful unloving children and when they don’t doth turn their rebellion law breaking and substance abuse does that heart ache and pain diminish or increase so much so that in many parents cases causes their parents not only spiritual pain and heart ache but actual physical illness both mentally and physically thus say I as it is with human parents so it is with Me in as far as My children are concerned even all of Humanity and all their disobedience and rebellion and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments for as so said all of humanity past present and future are My children even the creation of Mine own hands therefore I say take the grief and heart ache and the pain suffered by human parents and magnify that to an infinite degree and if thou could would understand the Pain grief and heart ache I feel for all of the My fallen human children thus as I am infinite and human being finite never can a human being comprehend the pain heart ache and grief I feel for all of humanity but as it is with human parent so must it be with Me in that all rebellious wayward disobedient children though their parents want not to do so, so must they punish their children and so it is with all of My children so must all of My rebellious disobedient children be punish and all of those children of mankind who turn not back from their rebellious wicked Law Breaking ways banished from their Earthly Home so must I banish from My Heavenly kingdom all of My rebellious disobedient law break children even all those of humanity who love Me not though from the very centre of My being I Love them all greatly even all of those guilty of breaking from the beginning of creation all of My Holy Laws and Commandments though it causes Me great pain grief and heart ache thus as it is as it is with human parent when they warns their children of the consequence of disobedience rebellion and breaking in effect their parents commandments; not as some parents do because of their deep love refrain from punishing their children mistakenly for many children when their parents punish them not for their disobedience and rebellion and their crimes think and believe their parents don’t love them. Correcting children; not excessively so; when doing wrong is intact an act of love for it teaches that not only disobedience and rebellion and crime is not acceptable in the family home but also in society in general; so have I warned all of My children of the consequences of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and commandments even all of humanity who being created by Me; I repeat are in effect and in fact My children as I have warned them of the consequences of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandment so must I punish My children even all of those of mankind who have and do break any of My Holy Laws and commandments in wrath and anger by the IRON ROD of My Just Judgement though I would rather they repent and turn from their all of their wickedness immorality corruption disobedient rebellion and unbelief and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and by Me forgiven of all sins crimes and transgressions and having been redeemed by faith being cleansed by the shed blood of the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL and welcomed in the end into My Heavenly Kingdom their home and My Home even the Home of all of the redeemed of the Lamb.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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