Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be even of the whole Universe and all that in it is. Thus say I unto thee in as far as Brexit is concerned and the main stumbling block of a Brexit deal between the UK and the EU is not the Irish Border Question but Southern Ireland itself whose only aim and objective was and is the reuniting of Northern and Souther Ireland the open border between Northern and Southern Ireland was and is the only means or weapon Southern Ireland has in stopping Northern Ireland from leaving the EU and ending its dream of a United Ireland. Whilst Northern Ireland remained in the EU it was almost an integeral part of Ireland and bordering on being to all intents and purposes one with the rest of Ireland and with greater integration within the EU coming Irelands hope was that the only sensible way for the whole of Ireland was Northern and Southern Ireland to be permanently reunited. But Brexit as said was in danger of ending that dream of Irish Unity until the backstop guarantee was put forward and agreed on Southern Ireland seeing it as a way of keeping Northern Ireland in the EU and the UK desperate to leave the EU with a viable deal but when the backstop was rejected by Parliament it saw its hope of Irish unity once more ending if the EU agreed to removing or watering down or limiting the back stop and said if the EU did that it would veto any and all deals put forward by the UK that in the main met the requirements of the EU in as far as the UK making a viable deal over Brexit thus the EU’s refusal to remove the backstop. Thus it is that the Irish Government will agree to no deal whatsoever that means Northern Ireland in any way leaving the EU and that means Northern Ireland remaining a full member of the EU and will use any and all means to accomplish its objective there are only two ways that the Irish Government will agree to a viable and progressive Brexit deal and that is either Northern Ireland lock stock and barrel remains within the EU or Britain agrees to let Northern Ireland go as part of the United Kingdom and be reunited with the rest of Ireland and will if it can see that the deadlock the Brexit negotiations are in remains in place until Ireland gets it own way and will use any and all means as so said even the EU to gain its objective for without the backing of the EU a negotiated Brexit deal by now would have been concluded. Thus as said the obstacle to a Brexit deal with the EU is not the Irish border Question which could be solved quite easily but Sothern Ireland and its Government. For again i say if the border question alone had been the obstacle it could have been resolved long ago in the negotiations the real obstacle is as so said Southern Ireland and its government.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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