Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee in as far as the present brexit situation is concerned first and foremost as I so said in the first instance so shall it be in as far as Brexit is concerned it will be concluded even as I have ordained it to be and no matter whatever any one seeks to alter frustrate or stop Brexit from concluding as I have ordained it so to be shall utterly and totally fail for it shall be a Brexit no one wants or likes but all in the EU and UK deserve. But in as far as the blame game is concerned there is an English saying as concerning this blame game which is the pan calling the kettle black meaning that both no matter what each states in denial are to blame for the present situation that exists in as far as Brexit is concerned. The position in the first instance following the referendum vote result was a result that the EU did not expect or want and the remainers also didn’t expect or want they and Eu thought as seen in their attitude towards the referendum ever taking place was a futile exercise that would in their minds produce only one result that the British people would in the majority vote to stay within the EU as happened in the nineteen seventies so when the result was announced it was the biggest shock in the history of the EU that Britain would ever consider leaving and from then on both the Eu and the UK remainers have sought to frustrate the will of the British voting public and the British Government miss handling of the Brexit negotiations are thus to blame for the present Brexit debacle in that from the star instead of seeking to deliver the Brexit the British public voted for have sought to impose on the British voting public a Brexit the public did not vote for. Yes for the UK government it would have been a monumental task in delivering what the people voted for but nevertheless it was and still is the responsibility of the UK government and Parliament to deliver on that vote and if that is not delivered with the patience of the British public running out the backlash will be for the main political parties in a general election catastrophic to say the least the Birish Public are one of the most patient and tolerant Nations on the face of the Earth but when backed up into a corner will come out fighting and woe betide anyone who gets in their way as hath been proven in two past Battle and Wars. But still as afore said so shall it come to pass as I have ordained it to be and I it is who lays the equal blame for the present Brexit situation at both the UK and EU’s door for it is as said in the English saying a case of the pan calling the kettle black. But one more point the present insistence by the EU of Northern Island staying in a customs Union for the UK to secure a deal only confirms in effect what Southern Islands ambitions are for Northern and Southern Island as I so said and revealed afore hand is reunification for the only way Northern Island to stay in the customs Union is for the UK to give up Northern Island completely from being a part of the UNITED KINGDOM and I say if the EU for greater integration had to sacrifice one of its member states would it do so? I think not and so should never expect or attempted to try an persuade the UK to give up one of its member Nations for a deal with the EU especially when there are ways and means of keeping the Irish Border open without the necessity of Northern Ireland staying in the EU. But at the end of the day is that alone the EU’s only Brexit ambition for the United Kingdom.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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