Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God unto thee even I AM THAT I AM who hath alone from nothing by the breath of My Mouth brought into being the whole of creation even all that is was and ever shall be the whole of the Universe held in the palm of MY hand and all that in it that doth hath and shall until the end of time exist even the Galaxies and the Sun Moon the Stars and planets and wonders thereof to the glory of My Holy Name even until Judgement day dawns when all of mankind are to be brought before Me to be Judged even the quick and the dead of which shall be called forth from the grave to stand before My Judgement throne to answer for all of their sins crimes and transgressions committed throughout their lives on Earth even the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments even My most Holy Moral Laws and upon being found guilty as so demanded by My Holy Laws and Commandments punished as is so set down in all of the Law and the prophets revealed and set down in My Word and upon tablets of stone delivered by Mosher to Israel in the wilderness and placed in the ARK OF MY COVENANT UNTIL THIS DAY. Thus hath it come about that as I likened the whole of the Middle East unto a powder keg ready to explode it hath now exploded and it shall as so said engulf the whole of the Middle East in an unstoppable conflict of such magnitude that the only comparison to other conflicts that can be made are the Last two World Wars and as I said the Lord God warned so is it coming to pass the fuse having been inserted and lit the fuse set being Turkey and America having lit it and that fuse lit having reach the powder keg exploded into the conflict now begun is and hath begun to draw into that conflict all the Nations in that region and shall as so said not only shall the Nations of this region shall also be drawn into the coming conflict but also many of the Nations of the West reliant upon the resource from that region for their transport structure but for many other facilities that are powered by the resource from that region especially fossil fuels of which also other Eastern European Nations are reliant on from that region. Thus as so said Turkey was the fuse and America was the light that lit the fuse not only by withdrawing its troops and giving Turkey free reign to attack the Kurds upon the border between Turkey and Syria but to attack Kurds further South from the Border with the excuse of ridding the Turkish border of terrorists but by their actions in attacking the Kurds in Northern Syria is Turkey asserting that all Kurds are terrorists even civilians which by the evidence produced contrary to Turkeys claim civilian Kurds are being injured and dying from their bombardments of the Kurdish towns and cities and from the attacks of the Turkish Military. Thus because of these Bombardments and attacks of the Turkish Military the Kurds have asked for and gained Syrian aid along with Russia and Iran the question now has to be with Syrian involvement along with Russia and Iran how long will it be before this conflict gets out of control and consumes the whole of the Middle East in a conflict that will devastate the whole of that region and beyond even all of the Middle East and parts of North Africa and Southern Europe. Thus say I if allowed to get out of control it will undo all that hath been accomplished in as far as the cessation of the Terrorist group IS’s control of not only parts of Syria but Iraq and of which still remains a present threat and because of Turkeys actions in seeking an end to its terrorist problem has created a means whereby terrorist group IS will be resurrected and will become more of a threat to Turkey and the whole of the Middle and possibly the Western Nations. Thus in effect not Just one conflict will escalate out of control if Turkey does not cease its attacks on the Kurds which is freeing IS insurgents to resume their terrorist activity not only in that region but beyond then the terrorist threat once thought ended with the downfall of IS will resurface and once more IS will become not only a threat to the Middle East but the Western Nations as well. The other questions as afore said because Russia and Iran’s support along with Syria of the Kurds will Saudi Arabia become involved along with the United Arab Emirates and will Israel be drawn into this conflict because of Syrian. Russian and Iranian support of the Kurds against Turkey and what about N.A.TO. Being drawn into this conflict because Turkey is a N.T.O. Member thus says I unto thee now this Powder Keg of the Middle East Exploded where will it end. Thus also many will be asking is this the beginning of the last great Battle as so set down and revealed in My Word called Armageddon the answer of which thine own hearts will give thee. But for certain as so said at this time soon approaches the fall of the two mightiest Nations upon the face of the Earth and great shall be the fall thereof for the Modern Babylon is about to fall down unto the dust of the Earth to be no More and no more remembered for it shall enter into the land of forgetfulness as shall the second follow close behind this one and the mourning of these two shall be heard throughout the Earth especial from those who profited from their allegiance in as far as trade and commerce was concerned. But as so said afore the blame can only be laid upon one door step of which it shall be and more so from that one’s unwillingness to help to end it shall the Nations blame this Nation and its Leaders. One question must be asked has two N.T.O.’s Nations Leaders made a secret deal enabling Turkey to enter Northern Syria so that it could deal with its so called Kurdish Border problem.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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