Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of Host creator and redeemer of Israel and of mankind even all of those who have by FAITH BEEN REDEEMED BY THE ETERNAL PASSOVER LAMB THE MESSIAH IMMANUEL. Thus as so said afore that I have ordain the path and destination of Brexit and as so said it shall not deviate from that path and course and shall reach the conclusion I have ordained it to reach delivering a Brexit no one will want or like of the EU and the UK but all shall deserve and get. But those who lost the vote to remain in the EU were not just disappointed they lost the vote but from that time on were determined to stop Brexit happening and thus from that moment have sought by any means possible to remain in the EU and the seeing that the majority of the UK had voted to leave knew that the only way that their objective could be achieved was through Parliament because the majority of the MP’s in Parliament are Remainers but that posses a question is Parliament because the majority of MP’s are remainers still a Democratic political institution which would mean that no matter the leanings of MP’s to remain democratic in all political decisions voted on its Membership would have to be in chambers politically impartial otherwise Parliament could not be a politically Democratic institution. Thus to be truly democratic impartiality would have to apply to those whose leanings were towards leaving the EU even all Brexiteer MP’s. Thus now the question must be asked what are the main principles of democracy and is Parliament and the Government by its three year action in negotiating a deal to leave the EU adhering to those democratic principles to the letter and that means all of Parliament the Government and its Opposition parties. Thus also it is in Parliament that the remainers are seeking a new referendum or a peoples vote the question must be asked if granted in light of their determination to stop Brexit happening at all if a vote in either a peoples vote or a referendum was the same as it was in twenty sixteen would they then accept that result, that it was the wish of the all the People of the UK to Leave the EU, or would they then continue in their fight to stop Brexit by and means they could and the answer to that is no vote in favour of leaving the EU would be acceptable to remainers and they would continue seeking to stop it happening especially through the Remainers MP’s in Parliament. Thus as hath been evidenced no matter the deal on leaving the EU the Parliamentary Remainer MP’s will not accept or vote for any deal put before Parliament and they being in the majority makes Parliament democratically indecisive and ineffective in as far as Brexit is concerned and a laughable Joke. But as so said saith the Lord God and the Messiah what I have ORDAINED FOR BREXIT WILL COME TO PASS NO MATTER WHAT EVER MANKIND SEEKS TO DO TO CHANGE BREXITS COURSE AND DESTINATION.
But I say this in light of the first refurendum vote in twenty sixteen a second refurendum or a peoples comfirmatory vote would be anti democratic in the extreem

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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