Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thu saith the Lord God of Hosts creator of the Universe and all that exist therein. As concerning the present situation in Parliament in as far as Brexit is concerned and the path Brexit is following even that which I have ordained for it to follow and the destination for it to reach of which it will even a Brexit that no one in Parliament the Government the UK and the EU wants or will like but a Brexit that all will deserve and get. But the question now to be asked will the EU grant a the UK a Brexit extension or not or will all of its member states come to the conclusion that the UK has had enough time and chances to push through the past proposed deals and that the UK if it does not accepted present deal agreed by the Prime Minister and the EU as it seems at the moment it is the process of totally rejecting the present deal on the table then would the only course for the EU to take would be for the EU to deny the UK any more extent ions and force a no deal scenario on the UK that being the default agreed date under article fifty for leaving the EU. The question that has to be answered is by the EU denying the UK a further extension would it forces Parliament to reconsider the deal on the table than be face with a no deal Brexit scenario. For not only is Parliament and the EU fed up with the UK parliament seeming endlessly in as far as Brexit is concerned going round and round in circles but the vast majority of the British and European public are fed with the inability of the UK parliament to make its mind up as to the Brexit deal it will accept that is also in line with the terms and conditions as so set down by the EU from the very beginning in that it said did it not that no matter what the UK could not have its cake and eat it in as far as a Brexit deal was and is concerned Brexit has to be an agreement acceptable by both sides and if both sides cannot come to an agreement then there can be only one outcome the UK being the instigator of Brexit must accept that it must leave without a deal. In any negotiations both sides in the negotiations must agree on a deal that is acceptable to both sides in the negotiations or the negotiations end in failure and no deal is concluded but if upon reaching a position that is on the verge of success but one side in the negotiations cannot make their mind up whether to accept what the other side is proposing or not then sooner or later the one proposing a viable profitable deal if the other continues to hesitate will call the negotiations off and will result in one side gaining a bad reputation.. There are now only two main options for the UK to leave the EU without causing major conflict in the UK between those who voted to leave the EU and those who voted against even those who have consistently sought to frustrate the will of the people of the UK and even insulting the British public by stating that they didn’t know in effect what they were voting for. It seems that Parliament is under the illusion that Britain is populated in the main by the ignorant masses as it seems also that many industrial magnates have the same attitude. The British people are one of the most educated and intellectually competent and aware people in all of the Earth at the present time and there are many even of the lower classes could put many Mp’s and Lawyers politically and legally to shame even in as far as understanding the full ramifications of what a no deal Brexit politically and legally would mean and intricacies of the legislation that is need to implement leaving the EU with or without a deal. But as so said and again asked if the EU refuses to give the UK any further Brexit extension’s will the UK then be forced to reconsider the deal on the table and in the end accept it or face a no deal scenario.

Thi si the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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