Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator and redeemer of all of the Holy People Israel and all those of mankind who are have and shall become the redeemed of the Lamb even the only true eternal Passover Lamb who is both man and God He being one with Me saith the Lord |God and I with Him through whom salvation alone is attained and that through His shed cleansing blood that cleanseth from all sins transgressions and crimes even the crimes of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially that so given unto mankind before the beginning of time even that sin known amongst mankind as original sin for without the cleansing of His blood can none of mankind be cleansed of original sin caused by the disobedience to the very first commandments given by Me to mankind’s first Parents from which all of mankind hath descended thus by inheritance inheriting the same curse of original sin of death spiritual and physical. Thus as time began so time must end when all hath been fulfilled as so set down and revealed in all of My Holy Word by the law and the prophet and by the prophesies so set down and revealed in My Holy Word written by His followers and from thence published in many forms throughout the Earth given none no not one any excuse when coming before Me in Judgement the consequences of original sin and all the sins transgressions and the crimes of the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and especially My Moral Laws are also so set down in My Most Holy Word and Law of which in Judgment all shall strictly to the letter Judged thereby both the quick and the dead; the living and the dead who shall in Judgment be raised from the graves brought bore Me Judged and if found guilty shall be punished according to the demands of My holy Laws and Commandments for the breaking of them of which the unrepentant of mankind are guilty to the ninth degree of breaking throughout their lives upon Earth each and every one thus say I in Judgment shall all be Judged according to My Holy Laws and Commandments each and every one unto perfection and those found guilty shall be cast forth from My Presence into the bottomless pit that being the second death the first thereof suffering physical death even the death of their bodies which shall have indeed returned to the dust of the ground and thus shall they be cast bodiless into the bottomless pit forever but the repentant and the redeemed of the Lamb shall ascend after Judgment day into the heaven of heavens and receive for them to dwell therein a body like unto Messiah’s glorious body for as My Word says that all the redeemed of the lamb shall be conformed to the image of the Messiah IMMANUEL. As is revealed in these Words for all of those who I knew would become the redeem of the Lamb even those I also predestined them to be conformed to the image of the Messiah. Thus as so said I have done even Judged the Nations of the Earth thus far Judged in these last days of grace and mercy but few yet remain as said afore to be Judged and then the punishing of the Nations thus Judged shall commence and shall not end Until the end of days and Judgment day dawns which as so said afore thereafter the old creation shall be destroyed and the creation of the New begin and there from shall all remembrance the old creation vanish into the land of forgetfulness. But thus the matter in hand is the Judging of Greenland and Guyana of whom I have found guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and commandments and of whom when once the days of grace and mercy come to an end if remaining unrepentant I shall punish with the fires of My all consuming wrath and anger by the Iro Rod of My Just Judgement even according as is so set down in My Word and the punishment thereof demanded by My Holy Laws and Commandments to be executed upon all guilty of breaking any and all of them. But as I have so said to others guilty of the same crimes sins and transgression not only shall I punish these Nations alone for the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandment but of the pollution of the environment that is and hath been the cause of the deaths of the creatures of My creation and also by the pollution thereof inflicting those respiratory and blood related illnesses and diseases upon many of the weak young very young and elderly of mankind. Thus as I have so said afore if these Nations refuse to repent then indeed My wrath and anger in the near future I shall cause to descend upon them by whirlwind and fire by Earth Quake and disastrous storms hurricanes tornadoes violent winds of such ferocity that nought shall after their passing remain standing by volcanic activity in may place and upon many Islands thus judged and found guilty of all manner of wickedness corruption and immorality not according to mankind’s moral standards which are almost nonexistent which are the signs; as hath been witnessed in the fall of past civilizations; of a civilization on the border of collapse. Also I shall send upon these Nations flood plagues disease famine drought unless that is if they repent and upon being forgiven are redeemed by Faith in the only true Passover Lamb. But as I so done unto the governments of other nations so shall I do with the Governments of these Nations if found guilty in neglecting to meet the needs of the needy of their Nation even the sick and the terminally ill the elderly and the widow the destitute and the poverty stricken the refugee within their gates the homeless and the outcast punish them most severely. But if repentance in these remaining days of grace and mercy is forth coming by these and any of the Nations of the Earth thus Judged and found guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments of great wickedness immorality iniquity and corruption then as afore said instead of the full fury of My wrath and anger and of death and destruction everlasting life showers of blessing peace and prosperity and a place prepared for those who do repent in My Heavenly Kingdom at My right hand forever. BUT SO SAY I NO REPENTANCE NO FORGIVENESS NO FORGIVENESS NO REDEMPTION NO REDEMTION NO SALVATION AND ONLY IN JUDGMENT LOOKING FORWARD TO BE JUDGED CONDEMNED AND CAST BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee
from the prophet of the Lord

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