Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God Hosts and the Messiah creator and redeemer of all of mankind even those who have indeed by Faith been redeemed by the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL out of all the lands peoples and Nations of mankind and of the Holy People even Israel. Thus saith the Holy One of Israel the creator of all that is was and ever shall be of the Heavens the Heaven of Heavens the Universe and all that exist therein especially all of the creatures and mankind that live and move and have their being upon the surface of the Earth which is one balanced integrated interdependent whole without which no part thereof can exist without the rest for if one part thereof fails or is destroyed the rest shall follow even down unto the dust of the ground to be no more so say I as afore said and shall repeat once again that as I have ordained the path and destination of Brexit’ so shall it come to pass and any who seek to alter the path and destination of Brexit will fail as I have so said afore all things work together for good even according to My Will and purposes in all of the Universe and upon the Earth and especially in as far as Brexit is concerned for all the efforts of those seeking to change the course and destination it shall be an exercises in futility! Thus it shall be as afore said that the Brexit that I shall give unto the UK and the EU both in as far as the various divisive factions are concerned even the so called remainers and leavers and also in as far as the aims and ambitions of the EU for the UK all will be greatly disappointed for the Brexit all will get by Mine own Hand shall be a Brexit that none shall want or like but all shall deserve and get and that path and course Brexit is now following and soon will reach its ordained destination for thus as said that the Brexit I have ordained for the UK and EU is by Me saith the Lord God of the whole of creation Signed Seal and shall soon be delivered. Thus also I say in as far as the Middle East is concerned that as so said that it like unto a powder keg if the fuse thereof be not put out shall explode and as the fuse hath been lit and put not out and now the powder keg hat exploded into a conflict that shall consume the whole of the Middle East Nations in a conflict that shall engulf all the Nations in that region and some of the western Nations also shall be drawn into that conflict and shall not end until many have been destroyed and cast down unto the dust of the ground to be no more and contrary to the efforts of a once mighty Nation whose leader claimed to have brought peace to that region because of its latest action in the Middle East shall have made any chances of peace in the Middle East impossible and to the contrary shall have escalated the situation to such an extent that peace therein shall be a distant unattainable goal. But it is for My Peoples sake and all of those the world over who do believe in the Messiah and do by faith do My Will as is done in the Heaven of Heavens and do Love Me with all their hearts minds and spirits/souls I shall refrain from doing as I once almost did in Noah’s day when as it says because of mankind’s great wickedness iniquity and the evil that mankind did upon the face of the Earth I having almost regretted having created mankind and did purpose to wipe them from the face of the Earth but Noah and his family being righteous and Holy In My sight I did refrain from so doing unto mankind that which would have resulted in the Earth ceasing to exist and so is it at this time for My peoples sake and all of those who are the redeemed of the Lamb by Faith I have shortened the days of wrath and anger that are about to come upon the Earth once the days of grace and mercy have ended even upon all of the Nations of the Earth Judged by Me. But one question shall be answered and that is how is it that in a day and a night can I judge any of he Nations of the Earth and the simplest answer I can give unto all who seek the answer to this question is that time exists not in eternity and I AM THAT I AM, am eternal and infinite in My being and am in every place at once not only just throughout the Earth but all of the Universe I can cause all of mankind to come before Me in an instant as it shall be so done when the final Judgement day dawns all of mankind shall be individually Judged by Me saith the Lord God both the Living and the dead who shall be called forth from their grave to be by Me saith the Lord God of Hosts Judged all at the same time and those found guilty of all sins crimes and transgression in the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments shall be cast into the bottomless pit. Thus it was before mankind before fell enjoyed in eternity immortality and after falling became limited by time and space the passage of time of days and the seasons forever changing and at the end of mankind’s life on Earth both male and female death and the grave in as far as the flesh is concerned and of the spirit a coming before Me to be judged and if found guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and commandments and moral laws to be cast into the bottomless pit for all eternity. As so shall all those who by faith having been redeemed by the only true Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL enter into My Heavenly Kingdom in My presence before My Throne having in their hearts peace beyond all understanding infinite peace blessing happiness and everlasting life for all eternity and then it is that the old heavens and Earth shall be rolled upon as one rolls up a corrupt scroll and casts it into the fire so shall it be so with the old creation and like unto a new scroll unrolled ready to be written shall the new heavens and Earth shall be likened unto the unrolling of that new scroll to be written upon New creation shall be created even of a New perfect heaven and a New perfect Earth where death destruct decay unhappiness war famine drought hath no place and as is written in My Word the lion shall indeed lay done with the lamb and at child shall play safely with all the creatures of the New creation of which the Earth shall indeed be world without end.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophe of he Lord.

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