Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel and the only true eternal Passover Lamb Redeemer and Saviour of all of mankind and the Holy People Israel even the Messiah IMMANUEL thus say I unto thee as I have so Judged and found all the Nations thus far Judged guilty of Breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments especially MY Moral Laws and shall if repentance is not forth coming in these days of Grace and Mercy purposed to punish each and every one with the full fury of the all consuming fires of my wrath and Anger by the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment by Whirlwind and fire, Earth quake and great storms, Tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes of such ferocity that the Nations they strike shall suffer great devastation to such an extent that not one manmade structure shall after their passing be left standing and also I shall strike these Nations thus Judge by plague and pestilence famine and drought so much so that these will know that it is I the Lord God who hath so struck them even I AM THAT I AM the creator of all that is was and ever shall be who commands and it is so says and it is done who can and with the breath of My mouth wipe clean the surface of the Earth as thus I almost did by the flooding of the Earth in Noah’s day having regretted because of the great wickedness and evil immorality corruption and the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments then committed by all of mankind at that time and in those days and did because of Noah and his family were Holy and Righteous in My sight refrained from so doing saving only two of every kind of creature upon the face of the Earth and Noah and his family in the Ark I commanded him to build. Thus it is as I have Judge these Nations and found them guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Law if they repent not I am purposed saith The Lord God of Hosts purposed to punish them even as is so set down in My Word and as My Holy Laws and commandments demand these Nations so to be punished even unto perfection. But as afore said if any of these repent of all of their sins and transgressions and the crimes of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and by Faith in the only true Messiah are redeemed through His shed blood and forgiven of all of their sins transgressions and do obey all of My Holy Laws and commandments especially My Moral Laws in spirit and truth by Faith then instead of wrath and anger blessing, peace and prosperity and a place before My Throne in My Heavenly Kingdom forever, but as I have so said only wrath and anger shall descend upon the unrepentant and at Judgement day and they all shall be cast into outer darkness and cast into the bottomless pit forever wherein is the lake of the fires of everlasting torment from which there is no escape for as said there is a great gulf fixed betwixt the Earth and the bottomless pit and also betwixt My Heavenly Kingdom and the bottomless pit. But as also said I have no Joy in the death even of the wicked and would rather they turn from their wickedness immorality and corruption to become a the Redeemed of the Lamb even the only true Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL and to at last to enter therein forever into My Heavenly Kingdom saith the Holy One of Israel than to be cast forever into the bottomless pit and sheol; which the all the Nations call hell but as said this term is an inadequate description of the place wherein all the wicked, disobedient and unbelievers are cast. Thus as I have Judge and am purposed to Punish all the unrepentant Nations of the Earth thus far Judged and found wanting even guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Laws I am purpose to Judge THE CHRISTMAS ISLAND AND MACAU and as with the other Nations thus far Judge if these be found guilty of breaking any or all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Laws and also guilty of committing all manner of great wickedness corruption and immorality especially in as far as their Government are concerned and of failing to meet the needs of the needy of the sick the lame the disabled the homeless the orphan and shelter for the refugee fleeing civil war and persecution even devastating poverty, also guilty of polluting and destroying the environment especially polluting of the seas around these Nations by their inhabitants which have and do result in the deaths of the creatures of My creation as I am set to punish all the unrepentant Nations of the Earth thus already Judged I shall in wrath and anger by the all consuming fires of My Wrath and anger if found these are found guilty I shall so also punish these Nations also . But as with the other nations thus far Judged I shall give unto these Nations a time of grace and mercy wherein if they will they can repent and turn unto Me through Faith in the eternal Passover Lamb redeemer and saviour even the Messiah IMMANUEL. But and if repentance is not forth coming as I am purposed at this time to punish the unrepentant nations of the Earth and cast them down so also I shall punish these Nations in like manner in wrath and anger with the IRON ROD of MY JUST JUDGEMENT but and if repentance is forth coming then showers of blessing peace prosperity and ascension at life’s end INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN shall be the eternal reward of all who do repent and by Faith in the Messiah turn unto Me and do obey in spirit and truth all of My Holy Laws and Commandments according to My will and purposes as so set down and revealed in My Holy Word Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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