Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God the Holy One of Israel unto thee at this time, creator of the Heavens and the Heaven of Heavens even all of the Universe as thou doth call My Creation and all that in it doth exist the Stars Planets and that which thou doth call Galaxies and all the wonders thereof the chief of them being My creation of the Sun Moon and the Earth upon which I have created all that exists thereon the land oceans seas mountains and all of the creatures that do inhabit them but and especially though fallen is still the chief of My creation the bearer of My Image even the souls of mankind thou corrupted by their fall and casting out of Eden’s Garden. Thus as afore said as when mankind fell time began so now it is that time is now coming to an end and that which is so named and revealed in My Word as the end of days and the end of this creation and the beginning of the new is soon to come about when indeed once the Judging of the whole of mankind past present and future hath ended and the righteous by Faith having been redeemed by only true Messiah even the only true eternal Passover Lamb have ascended into the Heaven of Heavens and MY KINGDOM and the unrighteous and the wicked of mankind; that have been found guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and commandments when warned of the Judgment to come deafened their ears and blinded their eyes and hardened their heart to Me and My Word of warning that if they repented not they would as they shall be cast along with the Adversary and his followers into the Bottomless pit wherein exist the Lake of the fires of eternal torment form which there is no escape where the worm dieth not nor the flames thereof go not out forever; have been cast by the angel of death along with the Adversary and his followers into as afore said into the bottomless pit therein to reside forever. But as also I so warned the Nations that whent the days of the Judging of the Nations that exist upon the Earth hath been fulfilled than the days of the punish of the Nations thus Judged and found guilty of Breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and also guilty of great wickedness corruption immorality iniquity and also guilty of the pollution and the destruction of the environment resulting in the unnecessary cruel injuries and deaths of the creatures of My creation and the source of the many illnesses and diseases suffered by mankind the perpetrators thereof even those guilty of the miss usage of the resources of the Earth provided by Me in the creation of the Earth for the good of mankind and not for the profit of the rich and powerful of mankind whose only thought is not for the welfare of mankind but for their profit margins bank balances and exorbitant wages fuelling a minority of the rich and powerful living in luxury and a poor poverty stricken and destitute two thirds of mankind many of which are on the brink of starvation and of which in Judgement both shall have their reward the rich and powerful cast down unto the dust of the ground to be no more and the poor destitute poverty stricken of mankind by Me blessed even all of those who by faith are the redeemed of the lamb who shall indeed inherit My Heavenly Kingdom forever and ever. Thus it is that the rich and powerful who care only of material possessions and the storing up of wealth at the expense of others in this life shall find not only at the end of their lives on Earth stripped of that wealth and power and luxurious living, but of their bodies also unto the dust of the ground and their souls(their person, their self, their being, their personality) cast into the bottomless pit forever, for it is in their physical existence they have had their reward and the saying must be applied to these that they have lived now and must therefore in Judgment pay the price of that life as it so said later . What is the saying amongst mankind live now and pay later and forget the consequences. Thus it is that as so said once My people by Me saith the Holy One of Israel were returned unto the Promised Land after a time the days of Jacobs trouble were revealed to descend upon all of mankind and as so said and so revealed hath it began and shall not end until Judgment day dawns even at the end of days when time shall be no more only eternity and this creation by Me shall cease to exist and as I commanded this creation to exist in the same manner shall it cease to exist and in the same way shall I commanded by the Word the New creation to come into being. Thus as the days of grace and mercy began with the Promised Messiah IMMANUEL so shall they end with the days of Jacobs trouble even the punishing in wrath and anger all of the Nations thus judged by Me of which none shall escape being punished with the IRON ROD OF MY JUST JUDGEMENT. Thus as so said having found MAURITIUS AND NAGORNO-KARABAKH guilty of breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments of great wickedness immorality corruption iniquity and the pollution and the destruction of the environment resulting in the cruel injuries and death of the creatures of My creation and their government guilty of neglecting to meet fully the needs of the needy of their Nation even the sick the disabled the terminally ill the elderly and the widow the poverty stricken and destitute though no fault of their own even the homeless and the refugee fleeing persecution and civil war but and especially the neglecting of providing adequate care and protection for the young the very young and the vulnerable of their Nations for which in Judgment I shall not Hold them guiltless but shall punish them according to the demands of my Holy Laws and Commandments in this life by Earth Quake and tornadoes whirlwind and fire by great storms and tsunamis by floods drought plague pestilence and uncontrollable diseases and in Judgement when found guilty cast by the Angel of death into the bottomless pit forever. But and if repentance is forth coming then showers of blessing peace prosperity and ascension at life’s end into THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN shall be the eternal reward of all of those who do repent and by Faith in the Messiah turn unto Me and do obey in spirit and truth all of My Holy Laws and Commandments according to My will and purposes as so set down and revealed in My Holy Word Laws and Commandments especially My Moral Laws. THUS SAY I UNTO THEE NO REPENTANCE NO FORGIVENESS NO FORGIVENESS NO REDEMPTION NO REDEMTION NO SALVATION AND ONLY IN JUDGMENT A LOOKING FORWARD TO BEING JUDGED CONDEMNED AND CAST BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT FOREVER.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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