Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel creator of the whole of creation especially of that which mankind doth call the Universe of which I hold in the palm of My hand for it is that all of creation exists in Me and I in all of creation for it is as so said afore without Me saith the Lord God of Hosts nothing can exist that doth exist and it is from out of all eternity did I create and bring into being the heavens and the Earth the Sun Moon and stars fixed in the Heavens the Galaxies and the wonders of creation that which declares My Handy Work to the glory of My Holy Name. But say I unto thee that the name to creation given by mankind especially those called scientist is but a limited view of the reality of creation of which extendeth beyond the comprehension of mankind for mankind seeks to discover the boundaries of what they call the Universe the present physical Universe and even if they were by Me given the time to discover the length breadth and the height of the Universe even of all of creation it for them take an eternity to do so and in as far as traversing the whole of creation even if they had the vehicles and power to do so by the time creation cometh to an end of which it shall even if that were many millions of years in the future they would have discovered only a minute area of that which they call the Universe and I creation. This say I also that no matter the power and magnification of thy telescopes even if they were the size of a planet they still would be unable to see the boundaries of creation. Thus as so said to put it simply the expanse of the Universe My creation is and shall be to then of its existence beyond the comprehension and the discovery of mankind. But in as far as its life span is concerned because of the Fall of mankind and all of creation becoming subject to death corruption and the entrance in and upon it of time even the beginning of days so must there be an end thereof to it even the end of days when all of the fallen unrepentant breakers of My Holy Laws and commandments shall and have to come before Me saith the Lord God to be Judged if found guilty convicted and punished. For it is that not only have I set in the beginning in eternity the boundaries of My creation even the limits of that which ye call the Universe but also I have set from all eternity the span of the Universe/creations existence and that span began with the fall of mankind and ends with the Judgment of mankind at the end of days and thus it is that the last days draw nigh unto all of mankind and the Nation of mankind upon the face of the Earth the last days beginning with the return and possession of the land of promise of My Holy People even Israel of whom yet have to fully claim each and every Iota of their inheritance so given unto by promise unto Abraham and his descendants for ever thus once again when Jerusalem shall become again My Holy City wherein the House to My Holy Name hath been rebuilt and the whole of the Land of promise hath been cleansed of all that pollutes it of the Nations of the Earth so that once more all of Israel is Holy Pure and rightouse in My sight even all of the false faiths of the idols and their building have either been removed or cast down for it is that I shall not tolerate anything within the Land of Promise that is contrary to My Holy Will and purposes as so revealed and set down in My word nor shall I tolerate in any wise whatsoever the breaking of any or all of My Holy Laws and commandments and if I find any guilty of so doing upon them shall descend by Mine own Right Hand in the punishment thereof even according to the demands as set down in My Word of My Holy Laws and Commandments the punishment thereof being also set down therein with the full fury of the all consuming fires of My Wrath and anger and the IRON ROD OF MY JUST JUDGMENT. For say unto all that the Land of Promise is Mine and Mine alone and those to whom I have given it as an Inheritance by prose forever and I say to all the Nations each and every one that if any Nation or alliance of Nations do seek to take the Land of Promise from My People I shall take their land kingdom Nation tribe or peoples from them they shall be no more for I shall cast them down unto sheol and the pit forever. But say I unto all of My people if any be found breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments I shall indeed punish them most severely and if they continue in the breaking of them I shall cast them down unto the dust of the ground to rise no more their bodies shall be returned to the dust of the ground and their souls cast into outer darkness even unto sheol and the pit forever to rise no more. Thus it shall be in the beginning of the punishing the Nations the first thereof shall be My Holy Nation and People and from thence shall befall the full weight of My wrath by the IRON ROD of My Just Judgment upon all of the Nations of the Middle East from Turkey unto Yemen and from Egypt to the Russian border these shall be the first of the Nations I Judged to be punished and only those who obey all of My holy Laws and commandments as so set down in My Word shall escape the full weight of My wrath and anger descending upon them in death and destruction but yet as so said the days of mercy being ended even if obedience is forth coming in all the days of wrath and anger only shall it be that instead of the pouring out upon them of the punishment in those days that is their Just due shall be with held and peace and prosperity as longs as they obey My Holy Laws and Commandments shall be theirs but when Judgment day dawns they shall still have to be brought before My Judgment seat and if as so said they shall be as they were Judged found guilty of Breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and of great wickedness immorality and corruption suffer their Just due punishment and shall be at the end of days; when this creation hath ended; cast into the bottomless pit and there after shall the creation of the New Heavens and Earth begin. But those who refuse to obey any and all of My Holy Laws and commandments in these days of the punishing of the Nations of the Earth shall have descending upon them the full weight of the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger descending upon them in death and destruction by Earthquakes of such magnitude as never afore witnessed upon the face of the Earth of Volcanic activity in many places Lands and nations of tornadoes and hurricanes and storms of such ferocity that the land upon which they shall descend shall be wiped clean of all that exists thereon and of floods and Tsunamis and tidal waves striking many coastal towns villages and cities and the burning heat of the Sun drying out and scorching the ground so much so that no crops can grow and if they do will wither and die of drought and famine of plague and pestilence and uncontrollable diseases thus shall it be upon all off the Earth only those who obey from the heart all of my Holy Laws and commandments shall escape and survive destruction until judgment day dawn but warn I this if any Nation that doth begin to obey My Holy Law and Commandments and then when peace and prosperity is theirs return unto their former ways thinking that the days of the punish of the Nations hath ended shall suddenly find descending upon them unto destruction the full fury of My wrath and anger and they shall it is cease from off the face of the Earth. Thus as the days yet to come of wrath and anger known as the days of Jacobs trouble and the days of grace and mercy yet but a few days reaming if the Nations of the Earth especially HONG KONG AND SVALBARD if found guilty of the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments; as afore said; as is so set down and revealed in My Word and upon tablets of stone and the hearts of mankind and of great wickedness of corruption and immorality iniquity and the pollution and destruction of the environment which hath lead to the cruel injuries and deaths of the creatures of My creation and many of the illness of mankind repent seeking of Me forgiveness of all sins crimes and transgressions and upon being forgiven by Faith being redeemed by the shed blood of the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL Then shall it be that My Wrath and anger shall be turned back but if not then the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger shall descend as so afore said in the days to come upon all the unrepentant Nations of the Earth. But not only shall I punish these Nations severely by Earth quake great storms tornadoes whirlwind and fire hurricanes and tsunamis floods volcanic activity in many places tidal waves followed by drought and famine plague and pestilence thus being Judged by Me saith the Lord God if found guilty of the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments but their governments also if found guilty of failing in their duty and responsibility to meet the needs of the needy of their Nation even of the sick the terminally ill of the disabled the widow the elderly the destitute the poverty stricken the homeless and the orphan but and also failing if found guilty in the provision of adequate care and protection for the young the very young and the vulnerable of their Nation against those who would harm abuse or even murder them. But if repentance in these remaining days of grace and mercy is forth coming by these and any of the Nations of the Earth thus Judged and found guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments of great wickedness immorality iniquity and corruption then as afore said instead of the full fury of My wrath and anger and of death and destruction everlasting life showers of blessing peace and prosperity and a place prepared for those who do repent in My Heavenly Kingdom at My right hand forever. BUT SO SAY I NO REPENTANCE NO FORGIVENESS NO FORGIVENESS NO REDEMPTION NO REDEMTION NO SALVATION AND ONLY IN JUDGMENT LOOKING FORWARD TO BE JUDGED CONDEMNED AND CAST BY THE ANGEL OF DEATH INTO THE BOTTOMLESS PIT.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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