Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation of the Heavens and the Heaven of Heavens and all that exists therein in spirit and in truth also of the Sun Moon and Stars fixed in their course the Galaxies in the Heavens and the Wonders thereof to the Glory of My Holy Name especially the Earth and all that lives and moves and hath their being thereon even all the creatures of My creation and especially mankind created in Mine own image of which though corrupted still remains for all things exist in and of ME SAITH THE HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL AND NOTHING WITHOUT ME COULD EXIST THAT DOTH EXIST THROUGHOUT ALL OF CREATION FOR IT IS THAT i AM THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL. Thus as I did create all of mankind and the creatures of the Earth and Mankind so created I in the beginning created the heavenly Hosts all the cherubim’s and seraphim’s and those that do exist in the Kingdom of Heaven even My Heavenly Kingdom even all those that call ye Angels even all of those also that are now the fallen and out cast of Heaven even those who after the deceived mankind into disobeying My first commandment the consequence thereof lead to the fall of mankind and casting out of My garden of Eden and also Adversary along with his followers for having through deception tempted mankind into eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil while the adversary was guilty of deception and tempting mankind first the Eve and then Adam into eating the fruit mankind was in Adam and eve guilty of disobedience of My commandment. Thus it was as I found mankind guilty of breaking My first commandment I did also condemn the adversary and with mankind did cast him and with him his followers out of Eden and out of My Heavenly Kingdom. Thus not only did Adam and Eve fall the adversary did also along with his followers but for him and his followers there was no way back unto Me he and his followers being the fallen of My heavenly kingdom and knowing Me and what the consequences of his actions would be the reason for him tempting mankind having afore been revealed and set down. But suffice it to say that his deceiving of mankind in the garden of Eden was but the beginning of his aim in destroying My creation and causing as many as he could to follow him into being cast into the bottomless pit upon Judgment day at the end of days. What has to be set down in as far as the adversary is concerned first and foremost he and his followers are created beings not as mankind was created with a physical body but as spiritual beings created to do My will in heaven as I so command it to be dome upon the Earth as so set down in all of My Holy Laws and Commandments. But the adversary upon the creation of mankind rebelled for he saw mankind not as equals but as a threat to his position in My Kingdom and so sought to regain his position as he saw it by causing mankind’s fall but it as thou doth put it backfired in that not only did mankind suffer the consequences of disobedience to My commandment but I cast him out of heaven and down unto the Earth along with his followers for having tempted and deceived mankind into disobeying My commandment thus he who should have known better what I would do I for his sins crimes and transgressions cast him out with his followers down unto the Earth to await Judgment day and the punishment that is his and his followers due. But his desire cause as many as he could to be with him cast into the bottomless pit was increased when I through promise provided a way back unto Me through the Messiah to come even the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMAUEL. Thus now that then end of days and the dawn of Judgment day approaches and the end of the days of grace and mercy hath come about and the days of wrath and anger begun wherein the Nations of the Earth having been Judged and unrepentant shall be Justly punish unto perfection one last great deception he has planned for mankind and that deception relies on him convincing mankind that not only can he defeat all the hosts of heaven but also I Myself and the Messiah but while he seeks to deceive mankind yet he himself and his followers know that he can in no way defeat Me or even come close to doing so for I AM THAT I AM perfect and that infinitely so in all of My being without end or beginning of days and without any limitations in an way shape or form for in Me all of creation exists and as so said I who it is that can holy and do hold the Universe and all that in it exists in the palm of My Hand thus it is in the extent of My being there is no limitations whatsoever in height length and breadth of My being I saith the Lord God of the Host of heaven an of all of creation with any limitations whatsoever of which the adversary in no way is and is as is mankind the creation of My hands the heavenly Host created in eternity as was mankind therein created their bodies from the dust of the ground and their souls made in My image breathed into their bodies and they became living beings created in My image pure perfect holy and immortal upon the Earth as was also all the creatures of My creation. But as so said the last deception of the adversary relies upon his convincing as many of the Nations of mankind he can that he can defeat Me thus the last great Battle just before the end of days as is revealed in My Word and in which he and his followers and all those who are deceived of the Nations by him and his followers to come to the plains of Megiddo to do battle with My Holy People and destroy them from off the face of the Earth he knowing Me and who I AM hopes that as many as do come up with him shall in Judgement with him be cast into the bottomless pit when I saith the Lord God even ADONAI ELOHEI TZVA’OT with the host of heaven do descend upon the Nations there gathered in the full fury of the fires of My wrath and anger to destroy and cast down all that armies of the Nations of the Earth. Thus that last great battle call ye Armageddon is not just a physical battle but a spiritual one for the adversary and his followers shall fight also against Me and all the hosts of heaven as shall the physical battle be against those who stand with Me and My people against the Nations of the Earth and great shall be the slaughter thereof to which I have invited at the end all the predators of the Earth of land and of the air to a great feast that shall exist upon the plains of Megiddo and then thereafter when the adversary and all those who are of him and those of whom he hath deceived to do battle with him been defeated then shall the end of days come about and the dawn of Judgment day wherein all of mankind and the fallen of heaven shall be Judged and the adversary and his followers cast into the bottomless pit with all the unrepentant and fallen of mankind.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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