Thus saith Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the Lord God of the whole of creation and all that dwells therein even all of the Universe and the wonders thereof the stars and planets in their course and the galaxies as mankind calls them wherein they dwell fixed until the end of days and the dawn of Judgment day wherein this creation shall cease to be for as a scroll so shall I roll up this creation that is as a filthy rage corrupt and only fit for destruction the corruption thereof caused by the fall of mankind entering in to all of creation and with death and corruption the beginning of days and except I had mercy on mankind and provided in the promised of the Messiah and saviour to come a way back unto Me by faith in the promised Messiah and saviour I would have done what I nearly did in Noah’s day when because of the corrupt wicked and evil generation of mankind that existed upon the face of the Earth upon the searching out of all of mankind and finding none righteous no not one I regretted having created mankind and was determined by flood to wipe all of mankind from the face of the Earth then it was I found Noah and his family and finding them righteous and Holy and pure in My sight turned back from seeking to destroy all of mankind and as written saved him and his family and all the species of the creatures of My creation two by two male and female in the ark I commanded him to build , but now the promise having been fulfilled and the number of those who were to be redeemed by His shed blood by as said Faith not a far off being completed and the end of days and Judgment day approaching wherein the Judging of all of mankind begins both the living and the dead the dead being risen from their graves and the living to be brought before My Judgment throne to be Judged and then shall I as so said roll up as one rolls up a scroll filthy corrupt and rotten ready to be cast into the fire or as thou puts it wrap up this creation and cast it into the fires of My wrath and anger to exist no more. For it is from all eternity I did ordain the number of all of those who were to be redeemed by the blood of the only true eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah for as so said afore I it is know the end from the beginning and from Me nothing is hidden or unknown past present and future for I AM THAT I AM, am not as mankind for with Me there are no limitations in as far as the perfection or length breadth or height of My being is concerned for with Me there are was and is no beginning nor end thereof for it is in all of My Being I it is who am infinite and beyond the comprehension of mankind for from Me all of My creation came out from Me even all the creatures of My creation and unto Me shall they return for as said they are not as mankind they are innocent in all of their being without sin and it was when mankind fell and corruption and death entered into creation so also fell it upon all of the creatures of the Earth both death and corruption and a limitation on their life span but upon the end of the their lives as came they out from Me so shall they return in spirit and truth. Thus it is that as so said I shall punish all the Nations of North Africa one by one now that the days of wrath and anger having begun and shall not end until all the Nations of the Earth that have be Judged are punished according to the Judgment given in the Judging of them all and as said so I did fulfil the promise given of whilst being Judged that the days of grace and mercy were given to all of mankind and the Nations thereof so that if they willed or wanted to repent and turn unto Me seeking for forgiveness of sins crimes and the transgressions could do so and upon being forgiven be redeemed by the blood of the only true eternal Passover lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL and become children of the Living God inheritors of My Kingdom of the Heaven of Heavens and also would be forgiven and cleansed of the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments of all manner of great wickedness and evil of iniquity and immorality the pollution of the environment of My creation the pollution of which hath and doth result in the cruel deaths and injuries of the creatures of My creation caused by the misuse of the Earth resource created for the benefit of mankind and the creatures of My creation not their destruction by the many of mankind whose only thought in life is riches wealth power a bulging bank balance and luxurious living caring not for the welfare of the poor downtrodden destitute poverty stricken suffering two thirds of the Earth population thus is their reward at the end of their lives upon the Earth deserved even all they have had in life all of their cars houses luxurious living their power wealth family friends and finally their body returning to the dust of the ground and brought before Me in Judgment to be Judged and having been Judged and found guilty of mainly of the breaking all of My Holy Laws and commandments cast into outer darkness and into the bottomless pit being told as they have lived so must they face the consequences of their life on Earth and pay the price for having broken all of My Holy Laws and commandments and of the committing of all manner of great wickedness corruption iniquity and immorality. Thus what is it that is causing such destruction of the Earths environment well ye of the Earth know what it is and the consequences thereof but yet turn as thou wouldst put it a blind eye to it and it is the excessive misuse of the Earth resources used in the transport systems of all the Nations of the Earth land sea and air the results of which are already being seen in many of the cities town and villages of the Earth and if not reduced drastically will result in a massive increase in deaths through lung and heart related diseases. But also that ye need to take heed of is the warning that because of the massive increased use of fossil fuels as ye call them the day when they will run out is drawing ever nearer and will when it does result in the collapse of many western Nations which will result in conflicts arising over remaining supplies of fossil fuels as I remind thee the supply hereof reaming in the Earth is finite and as so said because of the increased use thereof will all to soon end. But it is as so said I shall indeed punish one by one all the Nations of North Africa especially Libya that cesspit of iniquity great wickedness slavery and people trafficking and I say unto thee that the only way to wipe it out is to strike it at its source down unto destruction and the grave Libya needs to be cleansed totally and utterly of all that pollutes it for until it is the surrounding Nations and the Europe Nations especially will suffer the consequences of failing to do so. Only going to and dealing with the source of a problem can resolve it and bring peace security and the consequences thereof to be drastically reduced ignoring it or just dealing with the consequences will only increase the problem and cause it to get out of hand. Thus say I as so said i shall punish all the Nations of North Africa and then it shall be that I shall thence forth begin to punish according to the Judgment given all the Nations of the Americas by whirlwind and fire by great storms tornadoes hurricanes Earth Quakes and volcanic activity in many place especial upon the Island Nations of the Earth also by floods tsunamis tidal waves the height of the tallest buildings of mankind but it is that not only shall there be Earth Quakes upon the land but in the seas and oceans followed by the increased Suns heat scorching and dying out the Earth so much so that no crops or vegetation shall grow therein but and also shall cause many ponds rivers and lakes to dry up causing massive droughts and famine resulting in plagues diseases and pestilence. Thus it is that only those Nations that do from their heart turn from off disobedience to all of My holy Laws and Commandments and obey them as is so set down shall escape My Wrath and anger by the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment and the disasters as afore set down being poured out upon them and instead shall I bless them with peace prosperity and security until Judgment day dawns. But of a surety if obedience is not forth coming so shall I saith the Lord God in wrath and anger by the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment cast those Nations that refuse to obey from the heart all of My Holy Laws and commandments down unto the dust of the ground and destruction never again to be seen upon the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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