Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God even the Holy One of Israel creator of all that is was and ever shall be the Earth Sun and Moon and all the stars thereof fixed in their course and in their Galaxies and all of the Wonder thereof of which I saith the Holy one created to shine forth My handy work to the glory of My Holy Name in the creation thereof especially the Earth and all that I did create thereon even all of the creatures thereof and mankind the chief of My creation and until mankind fell and the beginning of days dawned upon all of creation all upon the Earth were perfect pure holy and righteous in My sight and immortal upon the Earth and to whom I came in the cool of the day to converse with. But when mankind fell and time began and evil entered into creation I provided a way back unto Me through the promise of a saviour Messiah and redeemer who would save all of those who believed in Him from My wrath and anger to come upon all of mankind for the breaking of the first commandments given by Me for because of the sin of mankind’s first parents did all of their offspring inherit the curse of that first sin original sin and the punishment thereof of which I did say that in the days they did eat thereof of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they would surrely die and in the moment they did eat they did along all of mankind to follow spiritually die and the curse of death did for their sakes befall all of My creation thus it is that I put this before thee to emphasise the death of mankind was in the first instant spiritual in that because of the disobedience to that first commandment given mankind was in that instant cut of from Me for as I am the source of all life to be cut off from Me saith the Holy One of Israel is to be cut off from the source of all life the river of which flows out from My throne and any who do drink of the river of this water of life shall live forever and who is this river of the water from which all life flows even He who conquered death and the grave and rose there from so that all who believed in Him should drink of this river of the water of life and live forever having been cleansed by this cleansing flow of all sins crimes and the transgressions of the breaking of all of My Holt Laws and commandments. But now it is as the days of grace and mercy having ended so hath begun the days of the outpouring of My wrath and anger upon all the Nations thus Judged by Me in the days of grace and mercy having been given every opportunity to turn unto Me and drink of this river of the water of life and having refused because of unbelief hardness of heart blindness of eyes and deafness of ears to turn unto Me by Faith in the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah in repenting of all sins crimes and transgressions in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments and seeking to by Me to be forgiven and upon being forgiven cleansed of all sins crimes and transgression through the shed blood of the only true Eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL and upon being cleansed being given of the water of life to drink thereof and to live forever and who is the water of Life but the only true saviour redeemer the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah for is it not said in My Word that the water I shall give shall be in thee a well of water springing up unto eternal life now cometh the days wherein all the Nations having refused to turn unto Me shall have upon them descend in punishment the full fury of the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger. Thus say I as I have and am about to punish most severely all the Nations thus far Judged throughout the Earth; finding all guilty of great evil wickedness immorality corruption neglecting the needy of their Nations polluting and destroying their environment cruelly slaughtering unnecessarily the creatures of My Creation especially the mammals of the oceans and seas but more so as so said guilty of Breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments including those of My people according to the flesh even all of Israel those at present residing in the promised Land and those of the dispersion scattered abroad throughout the Earth; so shall I do unto the alll Nations North African recently Judge and found guilty of great wickedness evil immorality and corruption even upon these Nations WESTERN SAHARA and TUNISIA first shall I pour forth My wrath and anger upon the governments of these Nations and then upon the whole of these Nations and only those who belong unto Me by Faith in the only true Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb IMMANUEL shall be Passover when My wrath and anger doth strike these Nations full measure for no longer shall I hold back or refrain from pouring out My wrath and anger upon all of the Nations of the Earth thus far Judged by Me and found guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments for as said if there was no sign forth coming of repentance and the turning from all manner of evil wickedness corruption immorality the neglecting of the needy the cruel treatment and abuse of children and innocent civilians the cruel slaughter and treatment of the creatures of My creation the pollution of the seas and oceans and the environment even of the area of Earth’s Orbit polluted by mankind then I shall strike all of the Nations thus far Judged with the full fury of My wrath and anger by plagues famines pestilence disease drought the scorching of the Earth Earthquakes Tsunamis of such force that where every they strike shall leave not one structure standing no matter what Earthquake preventative measures have been put in place to prevent structural collapse of surface buildings and volcanic activity in divers place never afore seen. But also I say unto the first Mighty Nation that shall by My Mighty Right Hand fall and great shall be the fall thereof of this mighty one of the Nations of mankind that many upon the Earth shall mourn the passing of this mighty one and the saying shall go out how are the mighty fallen even down unto the dust of the Earth never again to be seen upon the surface of thereof. Thus say I as is so set down in My Word and hath been ordained by Me from the very beginning to come to pass upon the Earth in the last days even at this time is of a certainty being fulfilled and shall be fulfilled unto perfection according as hath been ordained and as hath been revealed and set down in My Word and through My servant the prophets of old and as afore said except these days as My Word says be shorten no flesh shall be saved but for all those who belong to Me by faith in the Messiah and of mankind and of the Holy People Israelis sake I shall according as set down in My Word shorten these days for their sake and then at the end of days shall Judgement day dawn wherein all of mankind shall be Judged Punished or acquitted if being of the redeemed of the Lab even the Messiah IMMANUEL.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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