Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be even of the whole Universe and all that exists therein even all of the Sun Moon Earth and all of the stars and galaxies fixed in the heavens but especially the Earth upon which I created all of the creatures of My creation and especially the chief of My creation created in mine own image created i them male and female innocent and pure holy righteous and immortal as were all of the creatures of My creation until mankind disobeyed My first commandment fell by taking heed of the adversary’s deceit and lies and there by cast out of the Garden I created Eastward of Eden; called now by mankind the Earth; especially for mankind and did execute upon mankind and their descendants the punishment I warned would be the consequences of breaking My first Commandment even the curse of death both spiritual in being cut of from Me Myself and the physical cutting off from physical life to await the dawning of Judgement day wherein all of those of mankind to come being descendants of Adam and Eve would be Judged for first original sin and then for all their sins crimes and transgressions committed throughout their life upon the Earth especially after the deliverance by Mosher of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments first delivered unto My people Israel and then to all of Mankind for I did in the deliverance thereof command all of mankind everywhere to obey perfectly all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as so set down and delivered perfectly upon pain of death for even the breaking of the slightest of them. Thus through the promise of a Messiah and saviour to come I provided of a way back unto Me and everlasting life and through Him the means whereby whoever believe in Him and repented of their sins crimes and were by His shed blood cleansed of all sins crimes and transgression in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments especially the first commandment redeemed and made pure and holy in My sight through His righteousness would therefore be given the strength to obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments as so se down and commanded to obey and would on Judgement day escape the punishment due to all the unrepentant of mankind even all of those who refuse to obey and and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and thus those having been redeemed would thereafter ascend into the heaven of heavens even as the Messiah the eternal only true Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL did. Thus through the promise when mankind was cast out of the garden of Eden and the due punishment was executed upon them even the curse of death both physical and spiritual when time began thus also came about through the promise of the Messiah to come the beginning of the days of grace and mercy wherein all of the descendants of mankind’s first parent would be able to return unto Me saith the Lord God of Host through the saviour and messiah to come if they so willed to do so for as so said in all the lives of mankind once and once only is given mankind the free will to either accept or reject the only means of salvation even the promised Messiah given and fullfiled and once the choice made in the rejection or acceptance it is forever. Thus as the last days began when My Holy People I returned unto the land of promise given to Abraham and His descendants forever in fulfilment of prophesy and the promise I gave that before the end of days I would return the children of promise to their own land and then would the days; when all the Nations of the Earth had by Me been Judged; of grace and mercy come to and end and the days of wrath and anger in the punishing of the Nations begin even the days of Jacobs trouble and as so said these days now upon mankind have descended and thgus only remains now the punishing of the Nations in wrath and anger by My Rod of Iron even the Iron rod of My Just Judgement given in to the hands of the one who is and shall wield it even as I have so ordained from before time began in all of eternity. But thus as it was with the Judging of the Nations the warning that which was to come was given though not heeded was fulfilled so also so that none excuse by Mankind can before Me in Judgement on Judgement day be given so now before the punishing of the Nations descends each and every Nation has put before them the punishment which shall be there just due of which non no not one shall escape unless before Judgment day dawns if any Nations turns fro of disobedience to My Holy Las and Commandments and obeys them from the Heart each and every as so set down in My Word i shall with Hold My wrath and anger from descending upon them until Judgment day dawns but not so in as far as the Nations who continue in the breaking thereof of all of My Holy Laws and commandments even upon this Nation having been Judged the just punishment now in these days of wrath and anger is to be executed upon this Nation full measure even MOROCCO but not only shall I punish this Nation for the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments but also for the breaking of My Most Holy Moral Laws all the Nations thus Judged by Me and found guilty of breaking all of My Holy Laws and commandments having refused to repent of in the days of grace and mercy in Judgement I shall not hold them guiltless but they shall indeed be punish them most severely and it is that not only shall My wrath and anger be poured forth upon them for the sins and crimes and transgression of the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments but for all manner of wickedness corruption and immorality and the pollution and the devastation of the environment caused thereby which hath resulted in the cruel injuries and death of the creatures of My creation of which also shall these in Judgment upon Judgment day not be held guiltless. Thus it is that now the days of grace and mercy have come to an end the days of wrath and anger death and destruction and the punish one by one of the Nation of the earth hath begun full measure as I have so set down in the Judging of al the Nations of the Earth thus as so said the days of wrath anger death and destruction and the punish of all the Nations of the Earth hath begin and as afore to the Nations the pleas petitions and prayers of the unrepentant of mankind in the days of wrath and anger and the punish of the Nations the heavens shall be as so said as brass for as mankind and the Nations have heeded not the warnings in the time of grace and mercy given wherein if they will they could have repented and turn unto Me and instead of wrath and anger peace prosperity and blessing but mankind would not so as their ears were and are deaf towards Me and My Word of warning of the days now come upon the Earth so shall My Ears be deaf unto all of mankind now that it is that My wrath and anger shall strike all the Nation of the Earth with the IRON ROD OF MY JUST JUDGEMENT thus shall I punish them all by Earth Quakes and Volcanic eruptions upon many Nations and lands and Islands also by great storms never afore seen upon the earth since the beginning of the Earth; except Noah’s flood; of tornadoes hurricanes of such magnitude that none unless hey get out of their way shall survive their passing of great floods tidal waves and tsunamis followed by famine and drought the Sun’s heat drying the Earth so that it becomes as hard as rock and upon its heels shall follow plagues diseases and pestilence. But in as far as these Nations afore Judged I shall not first punish these Nations for the pollution devastation of the environment and the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments but the governments of these Nations being found by Me guilty in the failing of their responsibility to meet the needs of the needy of their Nations even the sick the disabled the terminally ill the elderly the widow and the orphan the poverty stricken and the destitute and those seeking refugee; fleeing war and persecution; within their gate but not only for all of these sins crimes and transgressions shall I punish these Nations but for neglecting to provide adequate care and protection for the young the very young and the vulnerable against all of those who would harm abuse enslave traffic kidnap or even murder them for their failure there is no excuse whatsoever but more so shall I punish them for the children of the Earths sake for as so said the children of the Earth are most precious in My sight and I shall indeed punish not only the perpetrators thereof but and also those who fail in their God given duty and responsibility to care for and protect them no matter who they are but especially their parents into whose hands I have entrust them to care for and protect them throughout all of their lives.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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