Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation He who says and it comes to pass commands and it is done who hath ordained all things in the heaven and Heavens of Heavens from the very beginning so come to pass as it hath been so and is so and shall be so even according to My will and purposes as so set down and revealed in My Holy Word Law and commandments. Thus it is as so said first as afore said in as far as Brexit is concerned that it hath is and shall continue upon the path I have ordained it to go and nought shall alter its ordained path and destination even a Brexit no one wants or will like but all will deserve and get and of which this present election cannot nor will not alter that ordained destination for this election shall not be as forecasted by the polls nor according to the desires and ambitions of the leaders of all the political parties involved for as was so with the last election the party in power expected to gain an overall majority giving it a mandate to implement the Brexit they had negotiated with the EU but instead suffered the loss of the majority they already had and that for a reason for the Brexit I have ordained for this country and Nation was not the one the Party in Government had negotiated and now the Brexit that hath been renegotiated with the EU is also not the one I have ordained for this country and Nation to get and shall get thus now this present Government and its Leader if they are determined to implement the present negotiated deal even if they are re-elected to govern this country unless they are will to renegotiate the present deal for a deal that will be to the benefit of the UK then their majority will be not much different than it is now but and if they are willing to seek to renegotiate for a better deal that is according to that set down and ordained by Me then their majority shall increase significantly but and if the Party in power is determined to follow the path of seeking to implement its present deal shall suffer the same result and did the previous leader of the Party in government. Thus it is that this election is set for the rise and fall of many politicians, MP’s and political parties. Also I say unto the government of the Northern Nation of the United Kingdom as so said one rises another shall falls even in the nation to the North of this land haughty eyes a proud look and over confidence shall be the down fall of many in the Governing party of that land even in as far as its leadership is concerned.
But say I this saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven of Heavens as so said that I know the end from the beginning of all that is to come upon the Earth and I it is that doth know the outcome of this Election and who shall rise and fall and why and it is and shall be not the ones expected to by the political parties seeking to be elected to govern the UK. The ones expected to lose seats will gain them and those expected to gain shall loose and especially one part because of it ethnic policies shall loose many seats in all of the UK. But in as far as the political party is concerned I say over confidence bordering on arrogance will never win the electorates votes as was proven in the last election

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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