Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be even all of creation so called by mankind the Universe in which exists the Earth the Sun Moon and stars around which orbits their planets in the galaxies and the wonders thereof all created to and for the glory of My Holy Name the Earth as mankind calls it been at the centre thereof of which upon it created I all the creatures of My creation especially mankind created in Mine own image both male and female created I them in Mine own Image and did give them dominion over all the creature of My creation and the responsibility for their care and protection but not only the creature thereof but of the environment necessary for the survival and existence of the creatures thereof but of mankind themselves of which they fulfilled until their fall by the lies and deceit of the adversary who falsely claimed if they ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in disobedience to My commandment the consequence thereof even death would not come to pass of which did and thus did time the curse of death and corruption and all manner of wickedness entered into My creation and mankind was cast out of My garden created by Me eastward of Eden and thus from thence did wickedness and evil flourish throughout all of creation until the time of Noah when I thought to destroy all of mankind finding all wicked beyond redemption until I found Noah and his family who were in My sight righteous upright and Holy and for their sakes and the sake of the many creatures of My creation did I refrain from seeking in My wrath and anger to wipe mankind from the face of the Earth but still to cause all the wicked of the Earth to perish by means of a flood of which commanded I Noah to build Into which I would cause all the creatures of MY creation to enter the ark after their kind and of which when they left the ark spread throughout the Earth each and every creature after their kind and where they settled they adapted to the environment where they settled each and every king of creature adapting for survival to their surrounding for example all bears originated fro two parents male and female after their kind also it is with Elephants Horses and all creatures that crawled upon the face of the Earth all ants descending from just one pair of ants all beetles from one pair of beetles flightless birds from one pair of flightless birds descending from just one pair of flightless birds as is so with all the fowls of the air after their kind each descending from one pair that enter the ark none evolved all adapted to survive in the surroundings and lands where they settled for their survival; as so created I them with the instinct to survive no matter what; each after their kind developing the necessary abilities to do so as it was the same with all kinds of fish all adapting according to the environment in which they settled. Of which also gave I this ability to survive unto mankind each descending from Ham Shem and Japheth after the flood each adapting not evolving according to the environment of the lands where in they settled. It seems as though the minds of mankind in seeking to eradicate Myself from all of their Universe they have twisted the original development and origins of mankind using the theory of evolution to do so. But say I this many of the creatures that existed before the flood perished only those necessary for the survival of the creatures of My creation and especially mankind survived the flood. But even leviathan and other such creatures perished in the flood and their remains because of the pressure of the waters of the flood and the vast swathes of mud that covered their remains caused by the flood resulted in those remains being fossilised as so termed by mankinds scientists not only by the pressures of water and the covering of the mud silt and rocks but also the passing of thousands of years.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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