Thus saith the lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be even the Universe and all that exists therein the Earth Sun Moon Stars and Galaxies and the Wonders thereof of where created by the breath of My Mouth for I commanded and it was so said and it doth and shall come to pass in the whole of creation of which I hold in the palm of My Hand for it is that I am in every place and everywhere in every place at the same time for in Me exist all of creation for even the Heavens and the Heaven of heavens even the whole of creation cannot contain My being which is infinitely perfect in every way and infinite in length breath and height beyond the comprehension of mankind and also the only true redeemer and saviour of mankind and of the Holy People even Israel who is the only true and eternal Passover Lamb whose shed blood alone cleanses from all the sins transgression and crimes of breaking all of My Holy Laws and commandments of which the majority of the Nations are guilty in the breaking thereof as so set down and revealed in My Holy Word Laws and Commandments and all of the writings of the prophets who did set down in writing My revealed will and purpose for the whole of My creation of which now in these days of wrath and anger and the days to come shall all be fulfilled unto perfection so unless all of mankind is redeemed by Faith being cleansed by His shed blood and made Holy and righteous in My sight saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens those who are not shall upon Judgment day be cast as shall all those who have wickedly broken any and all of My Most Holy Laws and Commandments into the bottomless pit wherein is the Lake of the fires of everlasting torment forever. Thus it is as so said so I have I done first of all Judged each and every Caribbean Nation even as I have thus far Judged the Nations of the Earth and found them guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments especially My Most Holy Moral Laws and having Judged all the Nations even according to the verdict of that Judgement given I shall saith the Lord God of the Hosts of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens shall in these days of wrath and anger punished with the IRON ROD of MY JUST JUDGEDGEMENT of which none no not one from whom hath repentance been in the days of grace and mercy not forth coming and as so set down all of the unrepentant of the Earth the Nations and mankind shall not escape the punishment that is their Just Due. As so shall it be with The BAHAMAS and all that dwell therein for in wrath and anger in the days to come I shall punish the Islands of this Nation having in Judgment been found guilty first of all of the breaking any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and of breaking My Moral Laws as are so set down in My Word and upon the tablets of stone delivered by Mosher/Moses to My People Israel when he came down Horeb My Holy Mount after being given them by Me but not only on tablets of stone and in My Word are written My Holy Laws and Commandments but and also upon the tablets of the hearts of all of mankind though many have hardened their hearts towards Me in the obedience of them, even those Laws and commandments that convict each and every human being of doing wrong when committing all manner of crimes sins and transgressions by the Spirit of all divine truth Roach Hakodesh called by Western Nations the Holy Spirit but not only of the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments. But it is that I shall also punish this Nation having been found guilty of great wickedness immorality and corruption the destruction and the pollution of the Earth’s environment which as said unto many a Nation hath caused the deaths of many thousands of the creatures of My creation of which the perpetrators thereof I shall hold in Judgment guiltless of committing these crimes against the creatures of My creation and they shall be utterly and totally condemned unto the bottomless pit forever. But as with the other Nations thus far Judged those whom I have found guilty of the crimes of neglecting the needy of their Nation I shall not hold guiltless even those who neglect the sick the disables the infirmed the elderly the homeless the refugee fleeing persecution torture civil war of failing to provide adequate care and protection for the young and innocent of their Nation from those who would harm abuse or murder them. Thus it is having found the Islands of this Nation guilty of all of these crimes transgressions and sins but especially the breaking of any and all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and especially My Most Holy Moral Laws so shall I by the Iron Rod of My Just Judgment in wrath and anger punish the Islands of this Nation by whirlwind and fire by Earth Quakes tornadoes and hurricanes by great storms and floods causing massive destruction followed by drought and famine which will result in plagues pestilences and diseases. But and if the Islands of this Nation The BAHAMAS turns from off all disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and commandments and obeys them all from the heart according as so set down in My Word Law and the prophets so shall I bless protect and prosper them until My Judgment day dawns but as so said if not then so shall the full fury of My wrath and anger descend upon this Nation thus also as so said where there is life there is hope and in hope there is life and as I AM THAT I AM, am the source of all life in Me there is hope for all who believe in the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL. But for all who do not then wrath and anger shall be poured out upon all the wicked and unrepentant Nations of the Earth by the IRON ROD OF MY JUST JUDGEMENT

This is the Word of the Lord to thee.

from the prophet of the Lord

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