Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God many there are that seek to know the length depth breadth and height of My Kingdom even the Kingdom of Heaven which is vaster than ever mankind can comprehend but the best way to give any an understanding of how vast it is, is as I have so done give unto My servant a vision in which the Universe; as mankind hath so named the whole of creation of which is as said is falls far short of the reality of My creation and is far beyond the understanding and comprehension of mankind who ever seeks to find the boundaries thereof. Thus in a vision the Lord God set Me before His throne in His throne room wherein are all the Heavenly Hosts and as Ezekiel saw so did I the Lord God upon His throne like unto the son of man who shone brighter than the sun in full strength and except I had been in the spirit I would have perish and a great cloud was over and around about from which poured forth thunderings and lightenings and a voice like the thundering of many water spoke and said unto me look unto thy right and I did so and far to one side stood a round table and upon it was a plinth on top of which was a bright shining globe pure in shape and form and was commanded to go forth and look into the globe which was most beautiful even beyond compare and in it at the centre thereof was light like unto that of the sun shining at full strength but as I looked it began to separate into a myriad of lights beyond number and as they went further and further apart all manner of colours shined forth betwixt the lights which grew larger and larger and as they did so I saw that each light comprised of smaller lights without number and the closer I looked the larger the lights became so much so that I saw that all of them were as stars of a summer nights sky and around each and every star I saw planets and around the some of the planets what looked like moons and saw also lights flashing from one end of the globe to the other even as comets speed from one side of the Universe to the other and right at the centre saw I one Sun with many planets the third of which had but one Moon and upon the planets surface saw I towns and cities and villages seas oceans and mountain ranges deserts and Islands and knew it was the Earth then was I commanded to look away but as I did so the globe became again a bright shining globe and I said unto He who sat upon the throne; high and lifted up upon His throne surrounded roundabout with all the Host of Heaven and the Heaven of Heavens of which stood four beast on the four corners thereof praising He who sat upon the throne each having six wings and four faces one of a man one of a lion one of a bear and one of an eagle and upon the throne four great wheels with eyes within and without looking in all directions and of which move in the direction they faced; was the globe a model of the Universe even of the whole of creation and He said not so it is the Universe as so named by mankind even all of creation of which in My sight holds a very special place and He said unto Me go to the window and look out what doth thou see I said a land without horizons vast and un-measurable and He that sat upon the throne even the Lord God of the Host of Heaven said as I AM THAT I AM, am without limitations infinite in all of My being so also is My Kingdom even the Kingdom of Heaven without limitations infinite in length breadth depth and height and the Universe as mankind hath so Named My creation in comparison is as the globe upon the table. Thus it is as all of creation even that which is Named by mankind the Universe hath a special place in My presence even before My throne so also is that place set apart from Me of which all the wicked and unrepentant of mankind once Judged upon Judgment day even at the end of days shall be cast therein even the bottomless pit of which a great gulf is fixed between My Kingdom and the bottomless pit over which none can or shall pass over wherein exist the lake of the fires of everlasting torment.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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