Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator and redeemer of those of mankind and the Holy People who have by Faith become the redeemed of the Lamb even the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah “IMMANUEL” having been washed clean of all sins crimes and transgression in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and also of Original sin inherited from; as all of mankind hath so done; all of mankind’s first parents Adam and Eve when they fell and were cast forth from Eden’s Garden and thus being cleansed as so said redeemed and made Holy and righteous in My sight and inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven even My everlasting infinite Kingdom. Thus as I created all of mankind and the creatures of the Earth so created I the entire Universe as mankind doth call My creation and all that exists therein. But it is as mankind fell and corruption death and the beginning of days began and the passage of time wherein all thing were and are worked out to the glory of Mty Holy Name as so ordained by Me in all eternity until these last days even the days of wrath and anger wherein all the Nations having been Judged and found guilty of the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments and My Moral Laws and of original sin as so said inherited from mankind’s first parents have been are and shall be punished according to the Judgment verdict given in the Judging of all the Nations of the Earth but and as so said not only being in the Judging thereof found guilty of the breaking of My Holy Laws and Commandments but and also guilty of great wickedness unrighteousness immorality corruption and iniquity. Bur not only for all of these sins crimes and transgressions shall this and all the African Nations be punished for but for the pollution and devastation of the environment that hath and is the cause of the deaths and cruel injuries of the creatures of My creation especially of this African Continent not only by the natives of these Nations but and also of other Nationalities who seek to cruelly slaughter for profit the creatures of this continent who shall even at this time suffer the full outpouring of My wrath and anger and have descend upon them the full weight of the IRON ROD OF MY JUST JUDGEMENT not only upon the guilty but also upon those Nation that do condone tolerate their Nations committing these crimes against the creatures of My creation these shall I not hold guiltless but shall punish them as I shall punish the perpetrators of this crimes. But it is that not only for the crimes afore mention shall I punish the guilty thereof but and also those responsible for the destruction of the habitat needed by the creatures of My creation to not only just exists but to live freely upon all of the face of the Earth. Thus it is also having found in the Judging thereof of this Nation have I found this Nations Government guilty of failing to adequately; or not at all; to meet the needs of the needy of this Nation of the sick the terminally ill the homeless the orphan the elderly and the widow and the poverty stricken and destitute also meeting the needs of those refugees within their gates fleeing persecution starvation and civil war also in the failing of the government of this Nation to adequately provide care security and protection for all of the young, very young and the vulnerable of this Nation. Thus it is as this Nation by its sins transgressions and crimes in the breaking of My Holy Laws and commandments and the breaking of all of My Moral Laws and of this Nations governments failure to provide for the need of this Nation and of the creatures of My creation in this Nation so shall I punish this Nation even SIERRA LEONE with the all consuming fires of My wrath and anger by whirlwind and fire death and destruction by Earthquakes and Volcanic activity and cataclysmic storms also by hurricanes and tornadoes by Tsunamis and great tidal waves by flood drought and by the increased heat of the sun drying out the land so much so that nought shall grow therein and also by unstoppable plagues, pestilences and diseases. Thus it is as afore so said four Mighty Nations one by one shall fall and great shall be the fall of these Nations down even unto the dust of the ground to rise no more one by the stone taken from a mighty mountain made without hands shall strike the very foundations of this mighty one causing it to be shattered into many pieces and its inhabitants scattered throughout the Earth the second by its elected leader the third by the fourth and the last by My terrible swift sharp sword that shall wreak My vengeance upon it for all of its great wickedness immorality corruption and its inhumanity towards it own people much of which until this time hath remained hidden but at the time of its fall shall be brought out into the open by Me to be seen by all of mankind who shall bear witness to the inhumane and cruel way and manner in which it has treated its own people far worse than any other Nation that hath existed upon the face of the Earth in the past that hath so cruelly treated its own people and there shall not one person who witness this one’s cruelty and inhumanity in the treatment of its own people when all of its wickedness and the evil treatment of its own people is revealed to all the inhabitants of the Earth shall not cry out in horror. But in as far as the punishment of this Nation is concerned as so said unto all the Nations thus far due to be punished by Me so say I to this Nation even SIERRA LEONE if this Nation turns from off all disobedience to all of My Holy Laws and commandment and from all wickedness immorality corruption and the breaking of all of My Moral Laws and obey all of My Holy Laws and Commandments and My Moral Law from the heart according as so set down in My Word the Law and the prophets so shall I bless protect and prosper this Nation as it hath never afore been blessed or prospered in all that they do and shall surrounded this Nation around about with by My presence protecting them from all of their enemies until My Judgment day dawns at the end of days but if not then so shall I with the full fury of My wrath and anger descend upon this Nation and the rest of the African Nations. Thus it is saith the Lord God where there is life there is hope and in hope there is life and as I AM THAT I AM , am the source of all life in Me there is hope for all who believe in the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL.
This is the Word of the Lord God to thee
From the prophet of the Lord

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