Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God creator of all that is was and ever shall be of the whole of the Universe and all that in it that exists especial all of the creatures and Mankind that live Move and have their being upon the surface of the Earth. Thus that which i said afore said afore is proving true that the EU though it promised to negotiate a beneficial trade deal with UK had never any intentions of doing so, all its promises were as empty as the pea rattling in the proverbial empty drum so much hot air without any substance and using the promise of a trade deal like the carrot with a stubborn donkey hoping to entice the UK to stay in the EU. But now the EU is using in as far as the trade negotiations are concerned bully tactics seeking thereby to force; if the UK wants a trade deal the EU into closer alignment with EU of even back into the EU before the end of the year. The one major concern of the EU is if finally the UK severs ties trade wise with the EU its economy will suffer in the long run because of its former budget dependence on the UKs membership input into its economy. But the question must be asked is the EU by it hardliner approach towards negotiating a trade deal with the UK going to be like cutting of its own nose to spite it face; as thou wouldst say it; in as far as some of it member Nations economies will suffer being no longer able to trade with the UK has they have done so in the past which will be the inevitable conclusion if the EU sticks to it hardliner approach in negotiating a trade deal with the UK. Plus the possibility because of its dictatorial attitude especial in as far as these trade negotiations are concerned; knowing full well that the UK government will not give into it terms and conditions in as far as closer alignment with the EU just to secure a deal with the EU; will push some of its member Nations who are almost on the verge of leaving into further considering leaving the EU now the UK has successfully left the EU and is looking forward to a prosperous future trading relationship with the rest of the Worlds trading Nations being no longer shackled to the terms and conditions of trade imposed by the EU when a member of the EU.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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