Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Holy One of Israel even the first and the last, the true and only Living God, saviour and redeemer of all of Israel. He who ordained the course and the path of the lives of all of My creatures that do dwell upon the face of the Earth. Who create mankind in the beginning like unto the hosts of the Heaven of Heavens even the Kingdom of Heaven, but fell after transgressing My first commandment, thus was he cast out of the garden of the Living God. But He had mercy upon the man and provided for him a means of escape so he could return unto Him and He laid down the path that leads back to His garden, but the angel with the flaming sword still barred the way, so the true Passover lamb and saviour became the gate back into that garden, thus for those who believe not nor obey through the Faith of Abraham the angel with the flaming sword still bar’s the way. But the path that leads to the gate has been set down and unless that path is followed the way the Passover Lamb walked upon it and unless those walking upon it are covered by the Passover Lambs blood making them righteous in His sight they shall never get passed the angel with the flaming sword, remember the angel with the flaming sword bars the way in every direction and the only way passed him is His way. He it is who set down the number for whom Messiah should become the saviour as well as the means of salvation for those who wandered in the Earth until Abraham, thus until Abraham did He preserve unto Himself a seed and a remnant, then through Abraham He set down the way whereby that seed would be planted and grow up to be a strong vine bearing much fruit, this vine would not be as the wild vines of the Earth, this vine would He planted and nurtured in His garden. Thus it was that He gave unto Abraham the promise that the ground where on the soles of his feet trod would be the inheritance of his seed forever even those who were to become the children of promise, thus did Abraham become the father of the faithful and through his line would the Passover Lamb come into the World, the first born of the Living God. For Abraham believed Him who had promised and it was counted unto him for righteousness, thus he became the father of the faithful for the children of Faith are the children of the Living God. So until Mosher they followed Him through faith, but before Israel could become His Nation to them had to be delivered all of His Holy Law and Commandments, thus it is that Faith without the light to guide it is a blind faith, thus was delivered unto the faithful a light to guide them in obedience to Him, thus faith without His Law and Commandments which are as a light to the eyes, is blind, but also the Law without faith is a hard task master which in the end saves not but Judges and condemns, for it demands that which man in his natural state cannot provide perfection without the slightest flaw and even then if man could attain unto perfection it would still condemn for man is born a transgressor, man is born fallen from his first state. But also He says that through the blood of bulls sheep and goats there is no remission from the results of transgression. But only there is remission through faith in the promised one to come even the true and only Messiah and saviour of the Living God. For did He not say unto the father of the faithful that through His seed would the Nations of the Earth be blessed, also that from his loins should the day spring from on high come forth that is from his descendants Messiahs would come into the World! Thus did it come to pass! Thus saith the Holy One of Israel as I have said and as I have so set down, even so hath it and shall it all come to pass, in all of the Earth unto total and utter perfection not one iota shall be added or diminished from it! But I say unto the Nations in all of the Earth, that if any should come unto thee with any other Word than that which hath been set down and cannot stand the test of the true written Word let it be considered as accursed and they who delivered it also. Thus test all that which cometh unto thee purporting to be of Me saying that I have said this or I have said that or that I have given unto them a revelation if it be proven to be not of Me let them be cut off from the people and the Land of Promise. Also those who profess to have been given a Word that contradicts or seeks to replace My Word let them be also considered accursed, let this be said even though an angel from the heaven of heavens deliver another Word or a Word that seeks to replace or contradict My written Word let it be considered accursed, but and if one deliver unto thee My true Word and it is proved so and ye reject the verdict then it is ye who shall be considered by Me accursed. For all of that which is not of Me and of My Kingdom and is not to the good and salvation of the whole of the true Israel, even the children of Abraham the children of promise, is of the Adversary or enemy of all the Holy People! Thus it is that I say unto thee O My People and ye of the Holy People throughout all the Nations of the Earth, return unto thine inheritance as afore said the days of thine exile are at an end, soon it is that the House to My Name will be raised up replacing that house of the Gentile Nations which stands there and the stones of that place cast to the four corners of the Earth! Soon it is that, that which now pollutes the Land of Promise shall be cleansed from out of her and Jerusalem shall once more become the City of the Living God having in it’s midst My Holy Place, that place wherein My Presence shall dwell forever, soon all of the rebelliousness and the unbelief and the disobedience to My Word Law and Commandments is to be cleansed from the hearts of the inhabitants who are and are to become of Me, as is the Land to be cleansed of those who are not of Me! No longer will I tolerate within the Land of Promise anything that is of the adversary, anything which is contrary to all of My Holy Law and Commandments any rebelliousness any disobedience to My Holy Word any unbelief in the hearts of My Holy People, those who do these things and have within their hearts rebelliousness and unbelief as said shall be cast out, only those who are the true children of promise will be allowed to dwell within the Land and those who join themselves unto Mine own in Spirit and Truth. For it is coming upon the whole Earth My Holy, Swift and Terrible Judgement, for it is that I shall sift the Nations as one sifts wheat and those who are as chaff from the summers threshing floor I shall burn up with unquenchable fire in the pit forever, none shall escape, but before this, as I have so said, throughout all the generations of the faithful I shall first Judge Mine Own People and Mine Own Nation, I shall separate the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the chaff. Yea ye who are in Israel who are the children of promise, ye know whom ye are, but they who are not still delude themselves into believing they are because they were born of Israel according to the flesh and are descendants of those who followed after Me, these think because of this they belong to the Holy People, they do not, it is not through inheritance alone that those who are in Israel are Children of Promise, but because they have the Faith of Abraham in their hearts and believe in and follow after Me according to My Holy Word, Law and Commandments, these are the partakers of the Covenant of Promise through faith. Thus those who are not yet in the Land of Promise shall return who are children of promise through Faith. I say of a certainty unto thee that the House to My Holy Name shall be built upon the site it once rested and My Presence and glory shall reside therein and it is I who shall rule with Justice, Truth, Righteousness and My swift terrible Sword of vengeance shall strike all the wicked and disobedient and unbelieving and transgressing people of the Earth. Hear ye Me and give heed unto all of My Holy Word, that which is and hath been set down in My Holy Word shall of a certainty come to pass, thus it is that your unbelief or belief will not alter this one iota and all of your explanations and theories shall not be able to explain away Myself or that which I am about to do, yea indeed I shall reveal all of these for that which they are the product of wicked and vain imaginations, I shall reveal all that hath been done from the beginning from the creation of man to the end of the age of man in such a way that it shall be irrefutable , all the wisdom and knowledge of men shall be revealed for that which it is mere foolishness as compared to My everlasting Word and My foolishness shall be shown to surpass the wisest of the wise of the Earth. But now I say unto one who stands abroad with pride and to those who stand with him thou hast been weighed in the balances and hath been found wanting, thus it is that I shall divide thy Nation as thy crime hath divided those who stood with thee and those who stood against thee, but not as before when it was split but for a while this shall be permanent and as it is written a Nation divided against itself cannot stand, but I say this that which shall provoke the division shall not be from within but without, at first what thou art about to do the whole of thy people shall back thee, but when it goes wrong as it shall, then thou shalt be the object of the anger of those who sought to bring justice down upon thy head for thy immoral actions. But as I have put before revelations of that which is to come to pass so shall they that which thou didst think as the fulfilment was but a warning of that to come upon thee. But this I also put before thee as My servant the blood of many would be required at his hand if he did not warn those I commanded him to so also this say I thou to will have to answer to Me and the blood of many shall be required at thine hand if thou dost not warn others even thine own people of that which is to befall them, but also I require it of thee if thou dost not heed that Word sent through My servant unto thee. Ye say that these warning are so much hot air they will never come to pass as ye have said afore also but they have, then ye heeded but when the crisis passed ye forgot and returned unto saying My Word was once more of little value, thus ye do not as Pharaoh did in Egypt when Joseph warned of that disaster to befall his land, just think what would have happened if he had not taken heed, his Nation and those around him would have perish, but for My Own Names sake I proposed to save that Nation and Mine own People also. But ye had the warning of the years of plenty and ye heeded not the warning now they shall end and the times of shortages begins the times of hardship and famine that need not to be such a disaster are to come upon thee not one Nation at a time nor just upon one Nation alone but upon many Nations, only those who are of Me shall escape, yea ye have heeded not the word recently sent as ye shall heed not this word and upon whose head shall be place the blame? Whose conscience shall be seared when millions perish when they needed not to do so! Now it is that I say unto thee that which thou hast portrayed as an asteroid colliding with the Earth being given he name the Armageddon asteroide which will be a wipe out all life on earth but it shall be not as thou hast portrayed it for what saith My Word not an asteroid but a star called wormwood shall fall into the oceans and shall poison them only what ye call a comet could do this for that of which it is made shall pollute the oceans of the Earth and the striking of it shall shake the Earth, but what said I about the shift in the axis of the Earth this one shall shift the Earths axis, but much of it shall burn off and break away because of its trajectory and it is this which will fall into the oceans of the Earth and onto the cities of the Earth that which falls in to the oceans shall cause a great shock wave which shall cause the Earth axis to shift and the tidal waves to follow will flood many islands and many coastal lands and cause the level of the seas to rise, but it shall not be the cause of the extinction of mankind from the Earth and it shall not herald in a nuclear winter nor an ice age as some presuppose. Thus say I to those who put forth these theories and to those who dig deep into the Earth to find the answer to life, the only answer ye shall find is not with the dead the answer to life can only be found in life and the living, the only answer ye shall find in death is death even thine own death in the pit and sheol forever after Judgement. For it is ye who have lead many astray and have been the cause of the love of many waxing cold, ye have brought men down from the heights to the depths of the Earth by saying man descended from animals, I it is who am the source of their life and that life returns unto Me, yea ye it is who seek not only to disprove Mine existence but ye seek to erase from mans minds every yhougt as concerning My existence and to polluted Mine own image in man and ye seek to attribute to animals the faults and failings of mankind none of which they posses they are subject to suffering disease and death because of thy fall, but in death they are set free, if they were as ye they would be as ye are ever seeking to escape death but they don’t they accept it in the knowledge that their life returns unto its source the fountain of all life Myself saith he Lord God.. Be assured saith the Holy One of Israel vengeance is Mine and it shall descend upon all unrepentant transgressors and it shall not cease until all hath been accomplished, but before this as said My Holy Word shall be opened up and revealed unto all in such a way as to leave no doubt whatsoever that it is the divine truth. Thus when this cometh to pass along with the redemption of all of the Holy People then ye shall know the end is nigh even at the very door and for they who are without faith and outside of the Faith there is but a certain waiting for Judgement. Thus saith I unto thee there are many interpretations of the word Hallelujah but what is the true english interpretation it is All hail God or Give unto God all the praise that is His due.
This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord.

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