Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus saith the Lord God of the whole of creation as said in My Word I created mankind in Mine own image in Mine own image created I the soul of mankind and breath it into the body I formed from the dust of the ground and they became living being the teaching of mankind in as far as My Image in mankind is totally wrong My image is not body soul and spirit is and can be seen in the makeup of mankind’s soul spirit or personality which is mind emotions and will each an independent part or character of mankind’s soul but one totally integrated independent inseparable whole the Mind therefore saith the Lord God is My image in mankind the Father creator planner I it is who works out My will and purposes as so set down in My Word in all of creation even according to My Holy Law and Commandments and Moral Law the emotions is the image in mankind of the only true saviour redeemer and eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah who was sacrificed upon the altar of grace( My Loving Kindness) and Mercy for all of the sins crimes and transgressions of all of those who would did and shall believe in Him and by Faith accept Him as their only true saviour and redeemer and Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL. For; saith the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and Heaven of Heavens; I so Loved all of mankind that I gave My Only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him; as their only saviour redeemer and Passover Lamb the only sacrifice for all sins transgression and crimes of Breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments but especially the only sacrifice for original sin committed in Eden’s Garden; that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. For I sent My Son into the World not to condemn Mankind, but that through Him all of Mankind might be saved, thus as said in My Word Saith the Lord God even the Holy one of Israel and all of creation. He who believes in Him by Faith is not and shall never be condemned but they that believe not are condemned already because they have not believed in the Name of My only begotten Son saith the Lord God of all of creation. Thus then finally the Will is the image of Roach Hakodesh/ the Holy Spirit who works out all of My will in all of creation as is so set down in all of My Holy Word Law and the prophets. Each are and individual part of mankind’s soul yet are one complete indivisible integrated interdependent whole as I AM THAT I AM saith the Holy One of Israel.

This is the Word of God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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