Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus now is the vision of the end of days I have commanded My servant to set before all of mankind a warning of that which is to befall all of mankind at the end of days when Judgement day dawns. Thus it was In the middle of the night when sat at my desk suddenly I was in a vision stood by a great river as black as the night itself so wide that I could just about see the far bank of the river and on the other side stood a figure like unto a man but dressed in white having upon his chest a golden band and in his hand was held golden Shofar like unto those once sounded out to call the children of Israel to the temple to worship the Lord God of the whole of creation and a voice like unto the thundering of many waters called unto him with the golden Shofar blow it and when he did its sound seemed to travel throughout all of the Earth yea even throughout all of the Universe and above the great river appeared high and lifted up in the heavens a throne like unto that which Ezekiel saw in his vision a so set down in the Word of God and like unto his vision one sat upon the throne like unto the Son of man clothed in shining white raiment and His face shone like the Sun in full strength and I heard behind me the sounds of many voices and I turned and from out of the ground rose multitude upon multitude of the souls of mankind and then saw I in the vision the whole Earth and all the souls thereon and all were called forth unto the side of the river upon which I stood and then came down many of the host of heaven separating all the souls of mankind as one would separate sheep from goats and I saw that those separated upon one side were as the shining stars of the heavens but upon the other they seemed to be clothed in rags and He who sat upon the throne called forth first those who shone as the stars in heaven unto His throne and said unto them well done My good and faithful servants enter into the rest of thy Lord King Redeemer and saviour and they all crossed over the river and ascended a great stairway which had upon it a Name even JACOBS LADDER. Thus said He who sat upon the throne to those left on the bank of the river having weighed all in the balances of these thus before Me now have I weighed in the balances of My Just Judgment and found all guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandment of original sin and full of all unrighteousness and great wickedness immorality corruption and inequity thus shall it be in wrath and anger shall ye be with the IRON ROD OF MY JUST JUDGEMENT BE punished forever in the bottomless pit banished forever from the face of the Earth and My kingdom of Heaven and He called all the host to cast those remaining on My side of the river into the bottomless pit wherein they began to cast all into the river and then it was that I knew what the river was even the river of death and the entrance of the bottomless pit but last of all the adversary came before the throne high and lifted up and was bound in chains along with his followers even all of the fallen of the host heaven of heavens and He who sat upon the throne commanded that the Adversary also was to be cast into the river of death even the entrance to the bottomless pit to be bound up therein forever. Thus then I saw a man dressed as was he who stood on the far bank of the river and asked him what was the meaning of this that and all that had been put before me was this that I seen about to come to pass evenat this time and he said unto Me what think ye it was and I said it looked like Judgment day had begun and he said no this is vision is of that which is to come when once the days of wrath and anger and of the weighing and the punishing of the Nations hath ended and the coming last great battle fought and the enemy of all the Holy People even the redeemed of the Lamb even the only true eternal Passover Lamb and Messiah IMMANUEL out of every land tribe and Nation hath been defeated bound up in chains and brought as ye have seen to be Judged and cast into the bottomless pit forever and then shall that of which thou hast seen in this vision come to pass even all of that which is to shortly befall all of mankind thus said He unto me write all of that which thou hast seen and set it before all of mankind as a warning of that which is to befall all of mankind. Thus said I unto Him who spoke with Lord who art thou and He said unto me I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST HE WHO WAS DEAD BUT NOW IS ALIVE FOREVER MORE and suddenly I was back sat at my desk wondering upon all that I had seen in this vision and praise the Lord God of the Host of Heaven and the Messiah IMMANUEL for revealing in this vision all that which is to come upon all of mankind and the Adversary and all of his followers at the end of days when Judgement day dawns.

This is the Word of God unto thee

From the prophet of the Lord

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