Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob

Thus it is that many once in their Lives upon the Earth as one question and that is what happens when they pass from this Earthly existence and their bodies return unto the dust from whence they were created of which many scientist have sought to answer that question and have failed why because they are seeking a physical answer to a spiritual question yet they can if they looked in the right place with the right attitude find the answer and that right place is their own hearts but the answer given they will not accept because of hardness of heart blindness of eyes and deafness of ears but mainly because of unbelief for if they accepted and believed the answer then life after death to them would be the first reality they would have to face and there after My Existence and that which they along with all of the fallen of mankind fear Judgement day and have to be held to account for their lives upon the Earth. But the only one to ask that question of is He who travelled that path alone to save all of those who in the past believed in the promised Messiah to come all of those who believed in Him when upon the Earth and all of those to come who would by Faith come to believe in Him and accept Him as their only true redeemer even the only true Eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah IMMANUEL who was for their sakes cast into the bottomless pit and did suffer the full punishment for all of their sins crimes and transgressions not only of breaking all of My Holy Laws and Commandments but and especially for original and upon His sacrifice being accepted did return from the bottomless pit and the grave death having no hold on Him as was witnessed by many when upon His sacrifice being accepted many of those who believed in the promised Messiah to come rose from their grave as and were seen by many in Jerusalem. But it is and shall be at this time unto all I shall be given the only answer of which many will through unbelief and blindness of eyes deafness of ears believe not their hearts being hardened to the truth especially that of Life after the death of the body thus say to all look upon the tablets of thy heart and thou will see the answer but accept it not why because of the coming of the dawn of Judgment day at the end of days. But nevertheless I saith the Lord God shall; whether or not any of mankind accepts it or not; now put I before all of mankind the only answer as to what happens to the immortal soul of mankind their person or personality after the death of the body of which only one who hath as said afore walked that path and returned can truly answer this question. Thus it is saith the Lord God of the whole of creation even the Universe and all that in it exists especially the chief of My creation mankind of whom I created from the dust of the ground and breathed into them the breath of life even their living souls immortal upon the Earth to tend My garden and to care for and protect the creatures of My creation forever. Thus say I that I created mankind in the garden with a perfectly true free will as I AM THAT I AM did create all of the creatures of My creation so created I them both male and female to go forth and multiply and the cover the surface of the Earth and all of creation with their off spring and as I so gave mankind the freedom of will so gave I mankind the right as thou wouldst say it to chose to obey or disobey Me with the warning that disobedience in the instance of disobedience would result in mankind’s spiritual death that of being cut off from the source of all Life whom I am and eventual death physical and thus by the eating of the forbidden fruit mankind chose disobedience and brought the curse of death not only upon themselves but upon all of creation for mankind being the chief of My creation and I having given mankind dominion over all of creation thus making creation subject to mankind in all things thus as the curse of death fell upon mankind because of their disobedience to My first commandment so for mankind’s sake was the curse passed on to all of creation. Thus it is as I so said in My Word saith the Lord God of Hosts in the beginning I said unto mankind after being cast out of Eden’s garden from dust were thy bodies were created and because of death and corruption through their fall unto dust shall they return. But it is that they themselves even all of their being their souls as is revealed throughout My Word do pass from this life and in eternity to await Judgment day. Many there are that ask what actually happens after the death of the body this have I revealed and shown unto My servant that upon passing from this life and after crossing the river of death all come before He who holds the book of life wherein are written all the names of mankind from the dawn of creation to the present and unto Judgment day when the great SHOFAR will sound to call all of mankind to be weighed in the balances of My Just Judgement both the quick those no and those who are alive upon Earth when Judgement day dawns and the dead those who have passed on from their earthly life are called by the sounding of the great SHOFAR to come before My throne to be weighed in the balances of My Just Judgement. Thus first it is every one passing from their Earthly life come before He who holds the Book of Life even He who is called in the words of the Nations the Angel of the book of life who a person comes before Him asks of them their name and upon giving Him their name consuls the book of life before Him and reads out their name and ask them to confirm their name that they are the one who stands before Him and upon their reply He points in one of two directions where there are two doorways and another Angel as thou wouldst call them wait in both doorways and after being directed to one of the two doorways are told to follow the Angel. Each doorway leads in a different direction one for the unrepentant unredeemed of mankind the other for all the redeemed of mankind both leading to My Throne upon My right hand the redeemed of of mankind having by Faith been washed clean in the blood of the only true Passover Lamb and Messiah and on My left all the unredeemed unrepentant and unrighteous of mankind have refused and rejected salvation by Faith in the only true Messiah and eternal Passover Lamb the Messiah Immanuel. Thus then shall Judgement begin first the righteous and the redeemed of the Lamb who are acquitted having been washed in the blood of the Lamb and made pure Holy and righteous in My sight and covered with His righteousness unto them is well done My good and faithful servants enter into the rest of thy Lord and do then ascend into the Kingdom of Heaven My Heavenly Kingdom saith the Holy one of Israel. Thus then the unrighteous unrepentant wicked fallen and corrupt of mankind even all of those guilty of breaking My Holy Laws and Commandments and of original sin who having been given the oprtunity to turn unto Me by Faith in the Messiah and become the redeemed of the refused and reject so to do thy reward for so doing is Just and righteous thus shall I for all of they sins crimes and transgressions in the breaking of all of My Holy Laws and commandments and upon being guilty and unrepentant of original sin thy rich reward shall that I shall in wrath and anger of thee all into the bottomless pit wherein burns the flames of everlasting torment that go not out for ever and from which there is no escape or reprieve where gnashing of teeth and the worm of regret dies not and around which there is a great gulf fixed and wherein is the enemy of the Holy People even the adversary and his followers chained up therein forever.

This is the Word of the Lord God unto thee

from the prophet of the Lord

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