Thus saith the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob even Immanuel.

As concerning Jerusalem and the House unto My Name as is to be built upon temple mount. It is that thou hast turn a deaf ear and a hard heart unto My Commandments and unto My Holy Law and followed the was of the Western Nations and hath polluted thyself and the land there with, in the past for thy crimes in the breaking of My Holy Law and commandments and in obedience to the My Word sent unto thee through My servants the prophets whom I did chose to be messengers unto thee even Moses and Samuel Elijah and Elisha and Jeremiah well was it that thou dist take heed of all that through them I so commanded thee to do and yet thou dist rebel and didn’t take heed of My Word and continued to follow after the ways of the Nations around about thee even bowing down to their idols and giving into the lustful desires of thine own hearts and when I warned thee thou didst take none heed until I did what I warned thee that I would sometimes I sent thee into captivity sometimes I withdrew from prospering thee and brought great distress and famine upon thee and yet at other times thine enemies in battle over came thee to rule over thee as did the Romans who subject thee and the land to their cruel domination. Thus in the past I warned thee of that which would descend upon thee for not taking heed and obeying all of My Holy Law and Commandments and abandoning the ways of the Nation, so I warn thee of that which befell thee in times past shall now if thou doth not repent and obey all that I command thee so to do that I will not cast thee forth from the land but I will as in times past when I have withdraw My swift and terrible sword from its sheath and stuck thee hip and thigh by allowing thine enemies to defeat thee in battle so shall I now do unto thee I shall withdraw My sword from its sheath and shall cause it to strike the land and I shall give dominion over thee to thine enemies, I shall strike the land with plague and pestilence and famine that thou may see and know that I the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob am a just God visiting wrath and anger upon all who disobey all My Holy Laws and commandments and do refuse to come before Me in deep humility in the worship of My Holy Name but especial thou O Israel who are My Children and the sheep of My Pastures that thou mayest know that there is no other God but Me and that Jerusalem is My Holy City and that Land of Israel is the land of promise that I promised through Abraham that thou O Israel should posses if thou didst obey all of My Holy Commandment and did obey all that I commanded thee so to do and especially through the building of the House to My Name by My Servant King Solomon did command thee to come and worship Me there in according to that way that I set forth for thy priest and Levites as revealed through Moses and to set apart a place called the Holy of Holies wherein the High priest once a year was to enter where in the ark of My covenant with thee was to resided overshadowed by the cherubim, of which unto this present day has been kept from thee by Me for all of thy disobedience and hard heartedness and the following after the rebelliousness of thine own hearts and following after the ways of the other Nations who know not Me nor do obey My Holy Laws and commandments following after the wickedness of the own hearts upon which My Just Judgments shall descend until all wickedness is erased from the face of the Earth.

This is the Word of the Lord to thee

from the prophet of the Lord.